In an effort to comply with new regulations and meet the increased consumer expectations regarding food safety and quality, the feed industry is embarking on a new era focused on prevention rather than reaction.

To help feed professionals navigate the future of food safety, Kemin recently launched a new magazine called “FeedForward.” The magazine serves as a resource addressing hot topics such as the Global Food Safety Initiative, the impact of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act, and the importance of a comprehensive Salmonella control program.

The first issue is filled with timely information from recognized experts including Richard Sellers, senior vice president of the American Feed Industry Association, and Salmonella control expert Dr. Frank Jones.

“Each of us involved in the global food supply chain plays a critical role in ensuring that food produced is safer than ever before,” said Kemin president and CEO Dr. Chris Nelson.

“Kemin is ahead of the curve in understanding how the ever changing regulatory landscape impacts our customers; FeedForward provides insights the industry can use to take on these new challenges with confidence.”


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—From Kemin Industries news release