A blogging boom has just occurred in the dairy industry as a dozen more people joined the world’s blogging community for the first time on Oct. 7. In a training sponsored by the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, two experienced bloggers from Indiana introduced that facet of the online world to some people interested in finding a new way of sharing news about agriculture.

Cris Goode and Leah Beyer were inspired to begin their own blogs after following The Pioneer Woman. After a successful year of blogging, they’ve begun sharing what it takes to have a successful, well-read blog that builds relationships with the non-farm community.

They helped everyone establish a name, build a site and begin blogging before the day was through. They also shared some great dos and don’ts they had been taught or picked up along the way. For the two slightly experienced bloggers in the audience, blogging etiquette and community building lessons were given.


If you’re interested in blogging or just curious to see what’s being done, visit one of the new blogs created by Progressive Dairyman Editor Karen Lee at www.widywriter.blogspot.com, see Proud to Dairy’s new blog entries at www.proudtodairy.com or look for more information in Issue 17 of Progressive Dairyman. PD