Contact: Andy Beckel, president/owner of Golden Calf Company Developed in Denmark, ColoQuick is making its debut across the ocean this year through its North American distributor Golden Calf Company LLC. It will be on display in the Coliseum, Arena Level, at booth AL 172. Q. What does your company specialize in? BECKEL: We provide farmers with an effective colostrum feeding and management system. Using our system, producers can expect to reduce calf mortality and increase milk production in the first lactation alone up to 2,400 pounds of milk.

Q. What type of dairy producer does your product/service benefit the most?
: Our product is specifically designed for the producer that knows and understands that today’s healthy calf will become a high producing cow tomorrow.

Q. How will your product/service make a dairy more profitable and/or more efficient?
: The producer will see immediate financial gains in the value of selling a live and healthy calf. They could expect a minimum first lactation increase of 1,800 pounds and with studies showing up to 8,800 pounds increase due to earlier age at first calving. Earlier calving also reduces feed costs.


Q. What is the latest product/service you’ve released?
: In our search for products that will increase efficiency and improve calf health, we have developed a new design of esophageal feeding tube. This new stainless steel tube feeder will have a longer life. It will virtually eliminate any risk of bacteria and disease harbored in scuffing or gouge marks.

Q. What brought about its creation?
: Studies have shown significant benefits of a proper colostrum feeding protocol. These represent the need to rapidly thaw and feed 4 liters/quarts of high- quality colostrum within 30 minutes after birth. ColoQuick was developed to give the producer a simple, fast and safe means of using their own colostrum.


Q. When was the company started?
: This product line was developed in 2008 and is entering North America for the first time this year. You can find out more about its history at

Q. Where is the company’s headquarters?
: This product was originally introduced by its manufacturer in Skive, Denmark. The instant success among Danish farmers has led the company to expand into North America. In a partnership with a Wisconsin local, Andrew Beckel, the company has established its North American headquarters in Bloomer, Wisconsin.

Q. Why the name?
: Simply stated in the name is the need to provide newborns with colostrum in a very quick time after birth. Our name means a safe source of COLOstrum, QUICK! ColoQuick

Q. What region of the U.S. do you serve?
: We are located in the heart of America's Dairyland – Wisconsin and are committed to serving all dairymen and dairywomen in North America.

Q. Why are you most looking forward to World Dairy Expo?
: We are looking forward to meeting producers and sharing with them the opportunity to improve their bottom line. PD

TOP RIGHT: The colostrum warmer, ColoQuick, uses bags and plastic cases to store, warm and feed the colostrum.
TOP LEFT: Two cases of colostrum rotate in hot water to bring the frozen colostrum to its desired temperature quickly. Photos by PD staff.