Monsanto says it will acquire the soil-analysis business of Solum Inc., while DuPont has joined with the University of Missouri and the USDA to develop better soil-content readings.

“The moves come as big seed companies push to add technology tools to expand the range of services they sell to farmers, ranging from seed selection to fertilizer use and even choosing the best time to harvest crops,” the article reads.

Farmers may profit – literally – from the moves. While neither company disclosed financial terms of the deals, Monsanto has projected that its “data-science tools can help farmers raise an additional $20 billion worth of crops beyond what is possible today.”

DuPont, on the other hand, plans to integrate new information on soil conditions into its line of data services, helping farmers better manage their use of fertilizer, irrigation and other farm products.  FG


—Summarized by FG staff from cited source