With the new product farmers can wirelessly control pumps from the center pivot control panel. When the pivot calls for “water on,” PC sends a radio signal to start the pump and get the water flowing.

PC provides optimal connectivity through its 900 mhz, frequency-hopping radio with one watt output, according to the company. The radio searches for and hops to the strongest signal it can find to give the best possible communication, regardless of uneven elevation or difficult terrain.

PC is field serviceable and easy to maintain. It also offers an optional light that allows a quick, visual indicator of the pump’s operating status. A green light means all is well, while a flashing red light alerts to potential problems.

It offers broad capability for connecting multiple devices, the company says. In addition to a one-pump-to-one-pivot connection, multiple pivots can be connected to one pump or one pivot can be connected to multiple pumps. Up to 48 radios can be included in one setup.  FG


—From Valley Water Management news release