Currently, leasing pasture and finding forage sources is time-consuming and harder than it should be. Available leases are generally advertised locally, if at all. This means everyone who could be interested in a lease is probably not aware it exists.

This lack of information and exposure leads to an inefficient market for leases and many situations where landowners do not get the true market value for their lease, according to the company.

Additionally, plenty of land that could be used for grazing, whether rangeland or cropland, sits unused because the landowner doesn’t realize how much demand there is for property, or because he or she is not sure how to identify qualified lessees. The new website aims to change this.  

PS members can search for available leases by state, size and livestock type. They also can search, by state, for harvested forage (hay or silage) available for sale.  

Members who list property or forage will be exposed to a large number of potential lessees or forage purchasers, increasing the chance they receive true market value. A lease template is available for those who want to specify terms to lease their property.  

In the coming months, PS also will introduce technology that allows landowners to accept bids for their leases. It has a messaging service that allows landowners and pasture seekers the ability to communicate with each other in a way that maintains privacy but also allows both parties to be confident they have secured the right lease, with the right person, at the right price.

It is free to become a PS member. To do so, visit the group's website. FG

—From PastureScout news release