Ask the Author

Q: Dear Mr. Lemus,

I appreciated the information on native grasses in the March 2013 issue of Progressive Forage Grower. It was equally valuable to see the article on inoculating forage legumes.

There are many native legumes that can be planted in pastures, including some native species lespedezas and desmodiums.

Where can one find proper inoculants for these forage species? The seed is expensive, so I wonder if inoculants would help germination success and plant survivability to help offset the seed cost.

Thank you for your help,

—Philip - Yukon, Missouri

A: Philip,

I have been able to obtain inoculant through the following sources:

Hancock Seed Company
(352) 567-6971

(386) 963-2080

(952) 913-3941

Becker Underwood
(800) 232-5907



Rocky Lemus
Extension Forage Specialist
Mississippi State University