Commenting on its presence at WDE, Thomas Sheedy of KELTEC Engineering said, “The North America dairy market is as progressive as it is compelling.

"We believe our offerings bring unique value and enable farming professionals to manage bales more efficiently and effectively than with any competitive solution.”

The KELTEC Self Loading Bale Transporter, available in an 8- or 10-pack size, offers efficient transport. The 10-pack can transport 72 bales per hour on a half-mile trip, whereas the 8-pack moves 60.

KELTEC’s Bale Slice removes plastic and netting, while also splitting the bale on the feed passage or into round feeders.

Because of its innovative design, where the blade cuts the bale from the bottom to the top, the bale stays off the wrap when it falls. The wrapping is forced upwards into long clamps ensuring a strong grip on the plastic.


The machinery uses hydraulic sequencing to operate the plastic grip and only requires one spool valve to operate the cutting jaw.  FG

—From KELTEC news release

Photo courtesy of KELTEC.