Built for superior row crop, transport and loader-tractor performance, each of the six new models offers more horsepower and 10 percent better fuel economy than previous models.

The tractors boast best-in-class operator control and maneuverability from exclusive Fendt features like the available VarioActive steering.

The 700 Series has a redesigned front axle, capable of handling 12.5 tons while turning at a 52‑degree angle. As a result, the 700 Series has a tighter turn radius and the toughness to balance the demanding loads typical of field work, loader applications and using front-mounted implements.

A high-visibility cab and enhanced ride-comfort top off enhancements featured in the series.

“The new Fendt 700 Series tractors offer exceptional visibility, maneuverability and power-to-weight ratio, making them among the most versatile tractors for farmers and custom operators during both field and loader work.

These tractors are truly all-around workhorses,” says Carlton Self, product marketing specialist, high horsepower tractors.


“They now have all of the exceptional ride-comfort expected from the latest-generation Fendt tractors and – as a bonus – even greater fuel efficiency.”

The Fendt 700 Series includes:

  • Model 714 with 110 PTO hp / 82 kW
  • Model 716 with 130 PTO hp / 97 kW
  • Model 718 with 145 PTO hp / 108 kW
  • Model 720 with 165 PTO hp / 123 kW
  • Model 722 with 185 PTO hp / 138 kW
  • Model 724 with 195 PTO hp / 145 kW

A featured addition for the 700 Series is the all-new five-post cab with a vertically panoramic front windshield and full-length right-hand window.

The VisioPlus cab offers 77 degrees of upward visibility. Plus, all 700 Series cabs are carried on either mechanical or pneumatic suspension systems.

Stable, balanced steering
The all-new VarioActive steering system provides a variable gear ratio for best-in-class maneuverability at any speed of operation.

Quick, responsive steering makes the system ideal for front loader work or headland turns. The 700 Series promises fast and comfortable turns even at slower speeds.

One turn of the steering wheel when VarioActive is activated equals 43.3 degrees of wheel turn, versus just 26.6 without.

These new tractors also offer another Fendt exclusive – self-activated FSC (Fendt Stability Control) that takes steering precision, driving stability and braking safety to new levels.

At tractor speeds above 12.5 miles per hour, FSC locks the differential and dampens side-to-side movement to ensure maximum stability during rapid, on-road transport.

When speeds drop below the FSC threshold, the system automatically disengages to ensure maximum ground contact with all four tires.

Strong for their size
The 700 Series is capable of handling up to 39,600 pounds gross weight. Like all Fendt tractors, the 700 Series is carefully engineered to transfer more horsepower to the ground.

While tough and powerful, the 700 Series tractors are light on their feet. The maximum unladen weight is just 17,416 pounds, translating to a power-to-weight ratio of 72 lbs/hp.

Engineered with a flexible system for ballasting the tractor with easy on-and-off front and rear weights the distribution can be adjusted to 60 percent of the weight on the rear axle for a 60:40 ratio, or vice versa. 

In addition, optional rear wheel weights – each 2,205-pounds – can be integrated into the rims to further increase pulling and loading power while maintaining overall tractor width.

Connections and capacity enhance versatility
The 700 Series tractors offer 22 equipment connections, including six rear and two front double-acting hydraulic valves, factory-installed front and rear three-point hitches, and full ISOBUS connection.

The Fendt 700 Series tractors are rated with a maximum rear lift capacity of 21,120 pounds, so even heavy, rear-mounted implements can be lifted to the fullest height with ease.

Front-axle suspension, with leveling control, and a mechanical three-point cab suspension ensure an exceptional driving experience. For the highest level of comfort, the tractor can be equipped with pneumatic cab suspension and active seat suspension.

Tier 4i engine for more power, less fuel
The six models in the 700 Series range from 110 to 195 PTO hp, and are powered by Deutz 6.06-liter, six-cylinder turbocharged engines built exclusively for Fendt.

Coupled with the proven, step-less Vario CVT and Fendt-exclusive Tractor Management System (TMS), the Deutz engine with SCR technology provides exceptional fuel efficiency, whether cruising down the road at 31 mph (51 kph) or tilling soil at 10 mph (16 kph).

By using SCR technology, which treats engine emissions after combustion, the 700 Series tractors are Tier 4-interim compliant, with an average fuel-use-per hour of 5.3 gallons, a savings of up to five gallons per 10-hour day.

New Variotronic electronic control unites all functions in one terminal
The Variotronic electronic control allows the operator to direct all tractor and implement controls, camera functions, operation documentation and the automatic steering system using the available 10.4-inch touch-screen Varioterminal. It can display up to four applications, including video camera inputs, simultaneously.

The option of fully integrated satellite-assisted steering guidance, which reduces overlap an average of 6 percent, helps deliver a corresponding 6 percent savings in fuel and inputs such as seed and fertilizer.

Equipped with a headland management system as a standard feature, these tractors help make sure the last turn is as precise as the first. And with the easy-to-see Varioterminal, even at night or in poor visibility conditions, operators can achieve optimum results.

The documentation system of the Varioterminal records relevant data with a minimum of effort. Data can be transferred wirelessly from tractor to office computer and from computer to tractor as well.  FG

—From AGCO news release