A flow rate of up to 1,100 pounds per minute provides a high working rate of 500 pounds per acre when moving at 12 miles per hour due to the specially designed hopper base.

The broken angles on the hopper allow for better material flow and less residue after spreading.

The slow-rotating agitator provides gentle handling of seed and fertilizer, while maintaining consistent material flow without plugging.

With the coaxial distribution adjustment system, accurate spreading can be achieved over the entire width of the machine without having to adjust the disc vanes.

In addition, Kuhn thoroughly tests all fertilizer spreaders to ensure that they accurately spread all types of fertilizer. The weighing system on the Axis 50.1 automatically adjusts the outlet openings when spreading conditions change for precise application.


Critical components are made of stainless steel for less corrosion and longer working life.  FG

—From Kuhn North America, Inc., news release

Photo courtesy of
Kuhn North America, Inc.