Valley Agricultural Softwareis bringing full mobile integration to itsParlorBosssoftware product, which helps dairy producers streamline and take control of their parlor logistics. ParlorBoss is used by producers – in both rotary and parallel parlor setups – to take a roll call of all cows as they enter the parlor, then alerting employees to cows that are in the wrong pen, when a move is needed, and also when additional services are needed before the cow leaves the parlor.

During on-dairy trials, the mobilization of ParlorBoss has allowed producers to – in some cases – reduce their in-parlor staff by half while saving between three-to-six hours of milking time every day. And in today’s market, where efficiency, streamlining and maximizing production are key, ParlorBoss is in your hand to help you deliver.

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Here’s how VAS and ParlorBoss can help you maximize your parlor:

  • Handheld Power: Previously, producers needed to be at a desktop computer to engage with and access the data from ParlorBoss, or review it on a big screen monitor located in the parlor. Now, notifications, updates, or any problems with cow and pen location is sent directly to the users’ phone with actionable, real-time updates.
  • Pre- and Post-Milking Maintenance: When a specific cow requires an additional task outside of the routine feeding and milking, ParlorBoss will notify the parlor staff with a color-coded message indicating the type of service required. New with ParlorBoss is the ability to know about those required services as soon as the cow hits the parlor ramp. As soon as the animal hits the runway, staff are able to prepare for medication administration, pregnancy testing, heat detection applications and other maintenance items.
  • Full Parlor Integration: As part of VAS’s ParlorComp suite of software, ParlorBoss can be used as a stand-alone product, or in tandem with other products such as ParlorWatch that gives producers full control over many of the key challenges they face in the parlor, including cleaning and sanitation, production levels and quality, as well as overall efficiency. Additionally, producers now will also receive a Parlor Performance Report to compare historical milking data, current trends and areas for improvement.
  • Be Prepared for a Rebound: While dairy exports and prices are holding, analysts and experts expect prices across the industry to see incremental improvement as the international trade relationships improve. Simultaneously, according to a Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer survey, most producers expect the industry to contract in 2019, meaning that it’s more important than ever for producers to be clicking on all cylinders when it comes to milking efficiencies and quality.

In the age of dairy automation and telematics, producers are able to have their finger on the pulse of all elements of their operation with the help of platforms like ParlorBoss from VAS. VAS is also working on full integrations with your current hardware equipment from brands such as BouMatic, GEA, DeLaval and others. Those integrations will be available soon. Hardware is also available through VAS for easy installation from the ground-up.


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