Do you wonder about the impact of your dairy checkoff investment? Join farmer hosts in conversations about how local and national checkoff works together to build dairy sales and trust in today’s changing marketplace.

Your Dairy Checkoff Podcast, Episode 19 - What Happened With Dairy Promotion In 2022?

Hear from Pennsylvania dairy farmer and Dairy Management Inc. Chair Marilyn Hershey and Missouri dairy farmer and National Dairy Board Chair Alex Peterson as they discuss the dairy checkoff’s 2022 promotion efforts.

Season 4, Episode 41

Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • 0:40 - DMI's Scott Wallin introduces Dairy Management Inc. Chair Marilyn Hershey and National Dairy Board Chair Alex Peterson.
  • 3:09 - How checkoff is reaching Gen Z through gaming and online marketing
  • 5:16 - How checkoff tells dairy's sustainability story to consumers
  • 7:28 - How large restaurant and retail partnerships are driving dairy sales and innovation
  • 8:12 - Checkoff's new collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and dairy's role in health and wellness
  • 9:34 - How U.S. Dairy Export Council is driving sales in dairy exports
  • 13:03 - How checkoff is piloting new milk programs in schools with smoothies and bulk milk
  • 15:17 - Dairy consumption in the U.S. is on the rise
  • 17:29 - The future of dairy promotion
  • 19:34 - How farmers can get involved in dairy promotion

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This episode is sponsored by Dairy Management Inc.

DMI, Your Dairy Checkoff Podcast

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