In this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, host Kimmi Devaney visits with Kennedy Youngren and Emily Schaapman about how to stay energized during busy seasons, what you can do to fuel your body properly, optimize the hours you do have for sleep, protect your mental health, manage stress and much more.

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Emily SchaapmanEmily Schaapman

Kennedy YoungrenKennedy Youngren

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Season 5, Episode 36

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

  1. Meet Kennedy and Emily. [~0:55]
  2. Learn why they started sharing about nutrition, fitness and agriculture online. [~2:40]
  3. Emily and Kennedy describe how they approach busy seasons when it comes to nutrition and overall wellness [~5:05]
  4. How to prioritize nutrition and make it easier to eat healthy during busier times of year [~6:55]
  5. Grab-and-go healthy snack ideas [~10:35]
  6. Easy breakfast ideas that are quick and easy to make [~13:55]
  7. Tips to optimize sleep, fall asleep faster and sleep better [~20:25]
  8. How to add in more movement when there is not time for a full workout or a walk [~29:00]
  9. Stress management tips for busy seasons [~31:00]
  10. Kennedy and Emily discuss how farmers can protect their mental health when stress is high, they are trying to get crops in, still running their dairies and trying to fulfill their countless other responsibilities. [~35:40]
  11. Rapid-fire questions [~42:40]

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