In this episode, hear what articles and podcast episodes stood out to Editors Kimmi Devaney, Walt Cooley, Jenn Coyne, Matti McBride and Dave Natzke in 2023. You’ll also hear about changes to Progressive Dairy’s editorial team in 2024, including Natzke’s retirement and the addition of McBride to the podcast team. The episode wraps up with entertaining answers to the rapid-fire questions from these five editors.

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Season 5, Episode 45

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

  • Highlights from Natzke’s 40-plus-year career in ag journalism [~1:15]
  • Natzke explains the greatest changes he has seen on farms in the last four decades [~2:45]
  • Common characteristics of farms that have navigated change well [~4:35]
  • Natzke’s key takeaways from many years of covering dairy policy [~5:20]
  • Why it matters for dairy producers to be involved in the policy process [~8:00]
  • Natzke discusses the parts of his career he is most proud of [~9:55]
  • What Natzke is most looking forward to in retirement [~11:25]
  • Natzke’s professional development advice for dairy producers looking to take their businesses to the next level [~13:00]
  • McBride joins the podcast team in 2024, while Coyne focuses on other responsibilities [~14:15]
  • Cooley and Devaney ask McBride questions about her role at Progressive Dairy, dairy background, dairy interests and more to help listeners get to know the new podcast co-host [~15:05]
  • Editors discuss the most memorable articles and podcast episodes from 2023 [~22:55]
  • Hear what these five editors are most excited about in 2024 [~30:50]
  • Rapid-fire questions [~35:00]

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