Photo courtesy of Case IH.

Case IH reveals baler developments for 2024

LB 436 HD large square baler adds new functionalities

Designed for the largest farms and contractors, the LB 436 HD large square baler receives some important upgrades for 2024, centered around a new load-sensing hydraulic system. This allows operations typically activated from the rear of the baler to be controlled from the cab via the baler monitor or tractor ISOBUS terminal. It includes full or partial bale ejection and the opening or closing of the bale chute. Tandem axle steering can also be locked from the terminal, with the rear steering axle locking automatically when reversing or when in road mode. For maximum flexibility with different tractor and hydraulic coupler types, flat-face hose connectors can now be specified in place of the standard conical types.

RB 545 and RB 545 Silage Pack fixed chamber round baler updates

Aimed at farmers and contractors making 7,000 or more silage bales annually, the RB 545 and the wrapper-equipped RB 545 Silage Pack produce bales 4 feet (1.22 meters) wide and 4.1 feet (1.25 meters) high. Both are equipped with a 7.5-foot (2.3 meter double) cam-track pickup for handling heavy swaths and a 20-knife chopping unit. They produce high-density bales via 18 rollers, which feature a new profile for enhanced bale rotation and are mounted on automatically greased bearings. These upgrades will positively impact durability and reliability to keep farmers in the field longer.

Beneath refreshed styling that enhances visibility, both balers benefit from main drive, bale chamber, chamber tailgate and rotor drive chains that have all been upgraded to a stronger grade, as have the associated sprockets. Increased chain durability significantly extends chain life.


Photo courtesy of New Holland.

New Holland previews the CR11, the next-generation flagship combine

In a major development in high-capacity harvesting, New Holland Agriculture previewed the new CR11 at Agritechnica 2023, incorporating new cutting-edge technologies that will help drive down the total cost of harvesting for large-grain farmers and increase their bottom-line profitability.

The new combine was designed – and will be produced – at New Holland’s Center of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium. Thanks to the most advanced automation features, it will offer new levels of productivity and drive grain loss down close to zero, with the best grain quality and perfect residue management.


The new CR11 builds upon the success of the current New Holland flagship combine range, which is topped by the CR10.90, which has held the world record for the most wheat harvested in eight hours – 797.656 tons – for almost a decade, since Aug. 15, 2014.

New Holland has designed the new CR in anticipation of harvesting demands that will continue to evolve and in response to feedback from customers seeking greater capacity, lower loss and maximum protection of grain quality.


Photo courtesy of FPT Industrial.

FPT Industrial powers the 2024 best utility ‘Tractor of the Year’ with its F36 engine

The 2024 best utility “Tractor of the Year,” the McCormick X5.120 P3-DRIVE, powered by an FPT Industrial F36 engine, was chosen for its compactness, robustness and versatile features, which make it the ideal utility vehicle for daily use on the farm, as well as for the possibility to be fueled with HVOs.

The F36 Stage V represents FPT Industrial’s flexible solution for light and midrange applications above 75 HP (56 kilowatts), delivering high performance and low operating costs with a very compact layout, which is key for agriculture equipment applications of this size.

The engine is capable of up to 141 HP (105 kilowatts) and 600 Newton meters and features improved engine hardware including a special turbocharger and optimized piston design. Stage V emissions requirements compliance is guaranteed by FPT Industrial’s maintenance-free HI-eSCR2 system, optimizing sustainability, efficiency, uptime and ease of use.

Reduced operating costs come courtesy of oil change intervals of up to 600 hours, and a specific design that allows fuel and oil filters to be installed on the same side of the engine for easier and faster maintenance.


Photo courtesy of Case IH.

Case IH sets the bar in unparalleled harvest productivity with new AF Series combines

Case IH revolutionized combine technology with the launch of the Axial-Flow, and now they are set to do it again with the completely reimagined new combine family, the AF Series, Case IH’s biggest combine ever produced. The new series will deliver on today's growers' need for capacity, speed, precision technology and simplicity to make up for skilled labor shortages and an ever-present need to deliver more efficient harvests.

The AF Series will boast industry-leading capacity, allowing farmers to cover more acres in less time. The combination of efficient power, increased throughput and larger cleaning and grain-handling systems will maximize crop flow throughout the machine.

Highlights include:

  • More power: up to 775 HP, 24% more than previous models
  • Larger grain tank: holds up to 5,200 gallons (20,000 liters)
  • Superior unload rate: 55 gallons (210 liters) per second
  • Longer rotor: 50% more separation to process high-yielding crop
  • Larger fuel tank: a 25% increase in fuel tank size
  • New Cross-Flow Plus cleaning system: 32% larger than previous models

Part of the AF Series’ optimization comes to life through a suite of integrated technology, which makes operating the AF Series combine more intuitive and efficient. Greater control and consistency in harvest are found through tailored visibility in the dual Pro1200 displays, real-time machine automation through Harvest Command, and remote diagnostics and fleet logistics through AFS Connect.