In this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, editor and host Kimmi Devaney visits with National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) President and CEO Jim Mulhern, who retires at the end of 2023 after more than four decades of service to agriculture and the dairy industry. Tune in to hear how NMPF is working on behalf of the nation’s cooperatives and dairy producers to move the needle on dairy policy, as well as to look back at some highlights from Mulhern’s career.

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Season 5, Episode 54

NMPF website:


FMMO hearing website:

Here is the episode breakdown:

  • [~0:55] About Mulhern’s professional background and career
  • [~3:15] Overview of NMPF’s work in 2023
  • [~5:15] Mulhern’s key takeaways from the FMMO hearing
  • [~8:20] Overview of NMPF’s five proposals submitted for FMMO hearing
  • [~15:00] Differences between the 2023 hearing and previous FMMO hearings
  • [~18:05] 2024 dairy policy
  • [~21:10] What Mulhern wishes dairy producers knew about the policy process
  • [~22:40] Why Mulhern’s role at the helm of NMPF was his dream job
  • [~25:40] Highlights and trends from the last 40-plus years working in dairy policy
  • [~28:10] Mulhern’s favorite part of working in the dairy industry
  • [~29:45] His hopes and wishes for the dairy industry in the future
  • [~32:55] Hear about NMPF’s new president and CEO Gregg Doud
  • [~34:40] How producers can stay up to date with NMPF’s work
  • [~36:00] The strength of the dairy industry
  • [~37:40] Rapid-fire questions

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