New T4 LP Stage V tractors complete New Holland T4 specialty range updates

New Holland Agriculture is launching updated T4 LP (low-profile) specialty tractors, complementing the recently upgraded T4 F (fruit), N (narrow) and V (vineyard) models.

Designed to meet the needs of orchard fruit producers, hill/mountain farmers, small livestock units and those requiring a tractor with a low center of gravity or which can access low buildings, the new T4 LP tractors have been improved in multiple areas to further enhance comfort, performance and efficiency. They are available with rollover protection, or with flat floor cab for operator comfort and Class 4 filtration that can remove incoming air impurities, including spray mist.

Offering 518Nm maximum torque at just 1,300 rpm and 40% torque backup, the addition of a new 120-hp (rated) flagship model to meet the increasing power demands from users of this tractor type means there are now five T4 LP models. All feature FPT F5C four-cylinder engines starting at 75 hp (rated) and with 40 kph Shuttle Command 16/16 transmissions, although there are multiple further transmission options. New hood styling matches that on other T4 specialty tractors but is tailored to provide a low hood and complement T4 LP models’ low center of gravity, while also concealing the exhaust after-treatment package. New LED lighting significantly enhances illumination.


Photo courtesy of Case IH.

Case IH adds to precision harvesting lineup with Axial-Flow 160 Series, 260 Series combine announcements

Efficient, productive harvests maximize a farm’s profit potential. Case IH knows that the right machine can streamline decision-making, preserve grain quality and increase productivity. With the introduction of the Axial-Flow 160 Series and the first view of the Axial-Flow 260 Series at Agritechnica 2023, the company is adding to its reputation of reliability with easy-to-use, high-tech harvesters focused on simple, consistent and high-quality harvests to deliver on the needs of a modern farmer.

Axial-Flow 260 Series combines

Growers looking to purchase a combine with over 500 hp will find larger, high-resolution displays and automated efficiency with the Axial-Flow 260 Series. The dual Pro1200 displays allow for industry-leading Harvest Command technology for intuitive and effortless automation, as well as new advanced guidance and mapping capabilities. Plus, Pro1200 adds effortless connectivity to other, Pro700-enabled machines within the same field.


Axial-Flow 160 Series combines

The introduction of the 160 Series combines to the Axial-Flow lineup signals the addition of Harvest Command automation to combines with over 400 hp. Harvest Command makes automated adjustments as field conditions change and reduces the number of decisions farmers must make, ensuring consistency no matter who is in the cab. Now small to midsized growers don’t have to choose between the right-sized combine and the tech.


Photo courtesy of Yanmar.

Yanmar’s New V7 compact wheel loader features premium capabilities and speed

Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces the all-new 47.6-hp V7 compact wheel loader to the North American market. The 9,370-pound machine fills the gap in the Yanmar wheel loader line between the V4-7 and the V8 and features a low operating weight, comfortable cab area and high bucket capacity. Its compact design, intuitive controls and high travel speeds maximize performance and efficiency for operators in landscaping, rental, municipalities, snow removal and other applications.

Yanmar Compact Equipment’s V7 features an impressive 0.92-cubic-yard bucket capacity for its weight. That means fewer trips to the pile. An optional light material bucket brings that bucket capacity to more than a full cubic yard with each scoop, further improving productivity. The compact wheel loader also includes a powerful Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine allowing for a lifting capacity of 7,981 pound-force.

The V7 features plus or minus 40 degrees of articulation and plus or minus 10 degrees of oscillation. The machine includes a newly designed articulation oscillation joint allowing oscillation in the center of the wheel loader instead of the rear. This maximizes ground contact with all four wheels for optimal tractive force.

Operators will enjoy the extra visibility provided by the steel frame doors as well as the convenience and extra ventilation that come from having doors on both sides of the cab. The V7’s high-backed seat is heated and includes ergonomic armrests and mechanical suspension. Radio with Bluetooth provides operators with individualized entertainment. Additionally, the wheel loader improves safety and convenience with a highly visible, fully integrated and removable rotating beacon.


Photo courtesy of Kuhn North America.

Kuhn Dominator 4857/4861 combination disc rippers

Kuhn North America Inc. is pleased to introduce two new Dominator models boasting product features designed to provide optimal compaction removal and residue handling while reducing maintenance time. The rationally sequential design of both machines places coulters ahead of shanks to size residue, ensure it flows through the machine freely and can be evenly incorporated by the disc conditioner at the rear.

The Dominator 4857 provides maximum subsoil fracture with two ranks of shanks on 18-inch effective spacing, providing the maximum degree of soil fraction and compaction removal compared to other tillage tools in this class that utilize wider shank spacing.

The Dominator 4861 provides maximum productivity and compaction management. Each shank is positioned between a pair of coulters, increasing the quantity of soil brought to the surface by the shanks for maximum residue incorporation. Two ranks of shanks on 24-inch effective spacing provide excellent compaction maintenance with optimized productivity. This shank design delivers maximum residue flow with no two shanks closer than 48 inches.

Both models feature the reverse-tandem disc conditioner with new C-arm and independently mounted blades on a new six-bolt hub for easy maintenance. This new combination of C-arm and hub provides 10% more soil and residue flow through the disc conditioner to improve continuous operation in adverse conditions. No-daily-grease-maintenance features have been incorporated throughout the Dominator 4857 and 4861 models, including coulter gangs, disc conditioner and conditioner reel bearings. Double K 7-inch wing or 2.5-inch straight ripper points are available to increase point wear life and increase operator productivity. A new heavy-duty solid round bar conditioning reel is now available for improved durability in rocky conditions.

The Dominator 4857 is available in 10-foot-6-inch to 19-foot-6-inch RTK working widths, and the Dominator 4861 is available in 14-foot to 26-foot RTK working widths.