In this episode, host Kimmi Devaney and Illinois dairy producer Lorilee Schultz from Mil-R-Mor Farm discuss leadership, genetics, advocacy, opportunities for women in dairy and much more.

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Lorilee SchultzLorilee Schultz. Photo provided by Lorilee Schultz. 

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Season 6, Episode 2

Here is the episode breakdown:

  • [~0:40] About Schultz and Mil-R-Mor
  • [~2:15] Schultz shares why dedicating the time to serve the industry through various leadership positions is important to her
  • [~4:00] As the past chair of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) Young Cooperators (YCs), Schultz discusses what interested her in this leadership role
  • [~4:45] How the YC program helps to develop young dairy leaders 
  • [~7:15] An overview of some of the questions Schultz often receives when meeting with legislators
  • [~9:05] The most interesting thing she’s learned about dairy policy and building relationships with elected officials
  • [~10:00] Tips for other producers interested in building relationships with legislators
  • [~12:30] Other opportunities available for younger producers interested in becoming more involved in the dairy industry
  • [~14:30] Schultz discusses some of the greatest challenges for women serving in dairy leadership roles.
  • [~22:25] Schultz’s tips to help current dairy producer leaders encourage and mentor future leaders
  • [~24:20] Advice for other dairy ladies who may be considering an industry leadership role
  • [~26:05] An overview of Schultz’s involvement with the Adopt-a-Cow program and her key takeaways from virtual sessions with the students and teachers
  • [~28:00] Other community involvement
  • [~29:30] Her family is passionate about registered genetics. Schultz tells listeners about some of the top traits they prioritize when breeding their herd.
  • [~31:30] Schultz discusses some of her farm’s best cows over the years
  • [~35:00] Schultz describes what the transition process has been like for her family so far
  • [~37:35] Schultz’s five-year goals for Mil-R-Mor Farm
  • [~40:15] Rapid-fire questions

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