Jason Smith of Texas A&M joins host Matti McBride on this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast to discuss all things beef-on-dairy. An associate professor and extension beef cattle specialist at Texas A&M with an extensive beef background, Smith shares his knowledge and advice for dairy producers looking to capitalize with beef semen.

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Season 6, Episode 4

Here is the episode breakdown:

  • ~1:11 – Smith’s background and current position
  • ~4:00 – How beef-on-dairy calves benefit the beef industry
  • ~6:50 – The importance of a healthy beef-on-dairy calf
  • ~13:50 – Smith explains what it means to sell cattle “on grid.”
  • ~16:00 – Yield grade vs. quality grade
  • ~21:00 – Consider market fluctuation in retaining ownership
  • ~22:40 – Communicate with buyers to leverage a fair price.
  • ~24:45 – The importance of sire selection during mating
  • ~32:00 – Expected progeny differences (EPDs): Birthweight and Calving Ease Direct
  • ~34:30 – Keeping records can benefit operations down the road.
  • ~35:30 – Liver abscesses
  • ~42:00 – Importance of feeding colostrum to beef-on-dairy calves
  • ~44:30 – How beef-on-dairy calves add value to the supply chain
  • ~49:00 – Rapid-fire questions

Jason SmithJason Smith

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