On Sept. 11-13, the 19th edition of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) will be held at Canada’s Outdoor Park in Woodstock, Ontario. The COFS team and its exhibitors have worked tirelessly planning demonstrations and events for the 40,000+ attendees – including two major field demonstrations. "Our field demonstrations provide a unique opportunity for our exhibitors to showcase their products in a field of competitors," says Paul Roper, COFS exhibitor sales and demonstrations coordinator. "This year, we are excited to run two major field demonstrations for moldboard ploughs and solid manure spreaders."

Lee karen
Managing Editor / Progressive Dairy

These two demonstrations will consist of a large line-up of exhibitors showcasing each piece of equipment’s specific features and benefits. Redesigned moldboard ploughs will work through corn stubble revealing their precision and manoeuvrability.

Similarly, the solid manure spreaders will each highlight their accuracy and even-coverage using a "mock manure" mixture.

“Manure issues and concerns remain high-profile with the high cost of fertilizers. In being proactive to these kinds of issues, we want to educate farmers on proper distribution that will uniformly benefit their land and not just get rid of their piles of manure,” Roper says.

The Solid Manure Spreading Demonstrations will run daily at 1:30 p.m., immediately after the Moldboard Ploughing Demonstrations at 12:30 p.m., in the Southwest Demo Field.


Dairy producers will not be disappointed with the new technologies being presented through the BriteSpan Dairy Innovation Centre’s robotic milkers, pasture grazing demonstrations and the Grober Young Animal Development Centre.

Read on to learn about all of the robotic milking technologies to be on display at the show.

For more information, click here to visit the show website or call (800) 563-5441.


Ag-Co Products Astrea 20.20
Shelley Groenestege
8th Lane S Middle

Why is your robotic system worth seeing?
The Galaxy Astrea 20.20 is the next generation in Automated Milking Systems by Insentec. With advanced robotic technology, one industrial strength robust dual action arm can milk 120 cows in a two-box setup at a project cost comparable to a conventional automated milking parlour.

What additional features will you have on display?
The Galaxy Astrea 20.20 also features real time vision technology, quality prep and “smart” sensing optimize milk flow and quality, super steam for superior hygiene, less labour intensive milking, affordable without the increased overhead and operating maintenance costs, and gentle cow focused milking system.


BoumaticRobotics MR-S1
Bill Willemse (Dortmans Bros Barn Equip. Inc.)
7th Lane North

Why is your robotic system worth seeing?
For the first time at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, the BouMatic Robotics MR-S1 Milking System, a revolutionary automated system from BouMaticRobotics Canada, will be previewed using a demo cow to showcase the ‘first on the market’ system that does not milk the cow from the side, but from behind.

Milking from behind provides a short distance to the udder for a more stable milking process.

With new assembly facilities and a training school in Woodstock, the MR-S1 is part of BouMatic Robotics’ innovative vision based on extensive research and offering Canadian dairy farms greater choices of robotic options.


DeLaval VMS
Elizabeth Healey
BriteSpan Dairy Innovation Centre

Why is your robotic system worth seeing?
The DeLaval smart farming goal is about bringing dairy farmers the innovative ideas and technologies that help to create a more productive, sustainable and profitable dairy future.

The DeLaval (VMS) robotic milking system is designed to help producers address skilled labour shortages, improve quality of life as well as to help them better invest their time in more profitable tasks.

VMS respects the requirements of sustainable dairy farming through low energy consumption and a limited environmental footprint.

What additional features will you have on display?
To improve farm efficiencies, DeLaval will demonstrate DelPro™ Herd Management software, an individual cow reporting system, which empowers producers and advisors to connect remotely to manage and monitor their dairy business.

New for 2012 is Herd Navigator, a DeLaval smart farming decision tool. Herd Navigator, a precise diagnostic tool which samples and analyses milk to proactively monitor and identify individual cow health needs which includes early identification and detection of heat, mastitis or ketosis.

Herd Navigator contributes better milk quality, herd management, improved animal welfare and farm profitability, key aspects of sustainable dairy farming.

In keeping with sustainable solutions, DeLaval will showcase Reduce Temperature Detergent (RTD), a chlorinated alkaline detergent, which allows for reduced energy consumption by cleaning milking equipment and cooling tanks with reduced water temperature.


Lely Astronaut A4
Jerry Claessens
BriteSpan Dairy Innovation Centre

Why is your robotic system worth seeing?
Lely will again display the A4 Astronaut milking system, which was released last year. The unique I -Flow traffic system introduced on this model is producing a significant capacity increase over what has been available previously.

Automatic milking is now the most popular milking system for new installations in Canada and producers can see the many advantages automatic milking and free cow traffic offer at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

What additional features will you have on display?
Lely will also show the Lely Vector Automatic Feeding System this year. Contact your local Lely Center about opportunities to see the Vector running at a local farm in addition to seeing the display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. PD