On April 8, 2013, from noon to 1 p.m. CDT, Dr. Victor Cabrera will present a webinar titled, "Economic Analysis Tools for Dairy Reproduction Programs." Cabrera is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Dairy Science. He is also a dairy management extension specialist for UW-Extension.

Cabrera focuses on model-based decision support in dairy cattle and in dairy farm production systems. His primary interest is to improve cost efficiency and profitability along with environmental stewardship in dairy farms by using simulation techniques, artificial intelligence and expert systems.

During the webinar, Cabrera will discuss two main decision support systems – the UW-Dairy Repro$ Plus and the Dairy Reproductive Economic Analysis. Check out these and more dairy management tools from UW-Extension.

Progressive Dairyman asked Cabrera for additional details about his presentation:

Q. Why is this topic important?
CABRERA: This topic is important because these tools make important reproductive and economic assessments which allow dairy producers and their consultants to make informed and better decisions on the dairy farm operation.


Q. What do you hope attendees will take away from your webinar presentation?
CABRERA: The main take-home message will be that there are a series of new and important decision support tools available for dairy producers to use and make better decisions. My hope is that attendees will be motivated and confident in the use of these tools that are openly and freely available for them. PD

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Dario Martinez

Progressive Dairyman magazine