It’s a new year, and a new Progressive Dairyman magazine. You won’t recognize it until January 22, but this year you will receive an issue from us every three weeks. That’s 18 issues a year. Many have already asked, “Why the switch?”

Readers and advertisers say they both like what they see in our magazine. That information helps you, the reader, make more profitable, educated decisions for your dairy. So we’ve weighed the pluses and minuses of weighting your mailbox with more paper from us; we believe the pluses outweigh the negatives. We do have high-quality news, articles and industry commentary. And now we’ll be providing you with 50 percent more of it on an even more timely basis.

If you doubt our magazine’s ability to deliver quality editorial that you will enjoy, I’ve got a challenge of my own for you. If you win the challenge, I’ll give you $180.

I’ve listed 18 reasons and clues why I think you should read this issue. If you find all the reasons, you’re a winner. Here’s how to play: Find the answers to my questions and then send me an e-mail or a letter including the answers.

The first 18 responses I receive I will throw in a hat and draw out a name to decide the winner. (I’ll subtract three days from the postmark of any letters I receive so those of you who support the U.S. Postal Service won’t be penalized. Our mailing address is on page 3.)


You can even tear out this sheet, answer the questions and then mail it. Or if you plan to e-mail your responses, there’s a text file available for download on my new blog at That way you don’t have to retype the questions along with your answers.

Remember you must be a current dairy producer to be eligible; I’ll be checking.

Again, the winner will receive $180. Good luck!

18 reasons to read this issue
1. We discuss the important stages of a cow’s lactation and how to make the most of them. (Stay tuned for upcoming issues on fresh cow and peak milk performance.) What’s this issue’s focus?

2. We tell you current industry trends. Vote in this month’s poll question on page 3 and then guess the percentages for each category. Send me your guesses.

3. We cover current events. Tell me how many cows the Washington State Dairy Federation estimated died from flooding in Washington.

4. We give you one more reason to curse ethanol. What’s the reason? (Hint: pg. 10)

5. We provide you with four tips for how to make effective use of your time at trade shows. Name one of them.

6. We tell you why writing down goals has everything to do with you achieving your New Year’s resolutions. What part of the brain does writing stimulate? (Hint: pg. 18)

7. We describe how to get the most out of the acres you own and plant in 2008. Name one of three things you should do. (Hint: pg. 20)

8. We tell you about other producers’ operations. Name one way that milking water buffalo and milking a cow are similar.

9. We preview upcoming events. World Ag Expo will be open for one hour longer this year. What are the show times?

10. We show how rations are performing on large-herd dairies. Name the ingredient in this month’s featured ration that is fed at 2 pounds per cow per day. (Hint: pg. 27)

11. We give you chances to win. If you’re good at crossword puzzles, you could win a prize worth $25. What’s the answer to 38 Across on pg. 39?

12. We aren’t afraid to talk about what we believe in. List one thing that would be “smattered” on Yevet’s eternal resume. (Hint: pg. 40)

13. We report current hay and commodity prices and weather trends. Will Idaho experience an above-average, equal or above-average chance of precipitation in the next three months?

14. We make you laugh. On what page can you find the cartoon showing a cow rolling on the ground?

15. We give you even more chances to win. How can you win free airfare to World Dairy Expo this year? (Hint: pg. 41)

16. We provide expert opinions on everyday topics. Why does Brandon Mills say putting cows out to pasture for the dry period is a thing of the past? (Hint: pg. 28)

17. We help keep your dairy knowledge sharp. What body condition score should cows in the dry period not exceed? (Hint: pg. 29)

18. We keep track of dairy product prices and market conditions that impact your dairy. According to NMPF, are dairy product imports expected to increase, decrease or stay the same in upcoming months? (Hint: pg. 41) PD