The Dairy Policy Action Coalition (DPAC), initatied in Pennsylvania last fall, is taking a stand for milk pricing -- and everything that comes with it. On February 22, more than 200 dairy farmers came together to ask questions and voice their opinions concerning the current milk pricing system and the government’s role and action in the matter.

The meeting was held at the Mount Hope Auction Barn in Northeast Ohio.

Speakers for the evening were Eric Shaver, DVM; Alan Kozak, dairy farmer and charter member of DPAC; and Dennis Wolff, former Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture who now serves as a partner in Versant Strategies.

Read more about the Mount Hope meeting at Farm and Dairy.

Similar informational meetings have been held across Pennsylvania, and U.S. Congressmen Tim Holden recently met with DPAC members to discuss both short-term and long-term solutions to the dairy pricing situations. More information about this meeting is available at Lancaster Farming.


The group takes donations from dairy producers and agribusiness, but it is not funded through dues. To learn more about the vision of DPAC, visit the website at

Photo by Kelsey Holter.