As the dairy industry evolves in response to shifting consumer demands, technological advancements and environmental concerns, there's a unique charm in recognizing the steadfast presence of dairy dynasties that have stood the test of time. These dynasties, often family-owned and operated, embody a rich tradition of excellence, innovation and commitment to milk production that remains unwavering across generations.

Schmitz audrey
Editor / Progressive Dairy

Dynasties in dairy can be metaphorically applied to describe a long-standing, successful lineage of dairy farmers, producers or businesses that have maintained milk production and influence within the dairy industry over multiple generations. For example, a family-owned dairy farm that has been operating successfully for several decades and has consistently produced high-quality milk and dairy products might be referred to as a "dairy dynasty." This term highlights their enduring presence, expertise and contributions to the dairy industry.

Learn about an eleventh-generation dairy enthusiast who is taking on World Dairy Expo and embracing this year’s theme “Dynasty in Dairy.”

“I think it’s really cool to know that something’s been sustained for so long – for so many years – and been a consistent passion through each generation,” Sydney Bullard says of wanting to continue the tradition of being a farmer. “My grandfather loves registered Holsteins. He loves showing, and he loves the way they work. It’s been cool to see them be passed on from generation to generation.”

These multi-generational dairy farms that continue to produce milk are all about preserving a way of life. They exemplify the profound connection between agriculture and culture, between land and legacy.


Just like a dynasty in history shapes the identity of a nation, these dairy dynasties shape the identity of an industry – setting standards for quality, sustainability and responsible practices.

With deep-rooted understanding of the industry and irreplaceable wisdom that comes from years of experience, Kevin Jorgensen is looking to the horizon when breeding for fourth-, fifth- and sixth-lactation cows.

“We often don’t think about these high achievers but tend to focus on the failures, as it only takes three years from conception to identify those. And although there is value in learning what types of cows don’t work in your operation, isn’t it also important to learn from the cows that reach legend status?” Jorgensen says.

As we gather at the 2023 World Dairy Expo, let's take a moment to recognize and salute dairy dynasties that have shaped the industry and continue to inspire us. Their stories tell of resilience, determination and the profound impact that dairy producers can have on an entire industry. They remind us that progress need not erase tradition, and that innovation can coexist with time-honored practices.

In celebrating dairy dynasties, we celebrate the heart and soul of the dairy industry – the families that pour their passion into every drop of milk. Their legacy lives on in the dairy products we savor, the knowledge we gain and the inspiration we draw. Here's to the dairy dynasties of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and to the World Dairy Expo that brings their stories to life.