Paula Meabon Wattsburg, Pennsylvania Board Member Center for Dairy Excellence (CDE) Foundation

Please describe your agricultural background.
My agriculture background started 35 years ago when I said, "I do." It has been on-the-job training ever since! My husband Randy and I work together and make the farming decisions as a team.

What previous positions have you held?
Six years on the National Dairy Board – as treasurer, vice chair and chairman, plus one year as DMI secretary. I was on the Farm Service Agency board for nine years, eight as vice chair.

I have also been involved in the Pennsylvania Dairy Princess Program and been a 4-H leader for 11 years. I have enjoyed working with the children and watching them become adults.

What excites you most about this new role?
I am very excited to be a CDE Foundation Board member. I love farming and by donating my time I can give back a little of what I have experienced.


It's CDE's purpose to empower the people, to create the partnerships and coordinate the resources to grow Pennsylvania dairies' profitability, whether it is by youth development, continuing education for the dairy farmer or by telling your story. We are all a part of the big picture.

What goals would you like to accomplish while in this position?
My goal would be to get the CDE Foundation up and running. To be able to speak on behalf of all Pennsylvania dairy farmers and have an impact on the dairy industry in Pennsylvania. But this all takes funding.

By creating a 501c3 we will be able to receive funding for the CDE Foundation to carry out our goals. Any funding that is received is a tax-free charitable contribution that would be helping to educate all of Pennsylvania dairy farmers. I am looking forward to getting started. PD