“Is there anything better on a warm, summer day than a scoop of ice cream? Does any other treat compare with the smooth, creamy, delicious taste of ice cream?” Judging by the rush of anxious spectators out in front of the capitol, not many would disagree with Lolly Lesher’s comment above.

Dairy producer Lesher was joined by other dairy enthusiasts on June 6 to celebrate and spread the knowledge of dairy month. Those attending were greeted by Cindy Weimer, Director of Industry Image and Relations at Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association , followed by Secretary of Agriculture, George Greig. Secretary Greig spoke on behalf of the Pennsylvania dairy industry, expressing his support for farmers.

Following Secretary Greig was Gabrielle Murphy, Pennsylvania’s State Dairy Princess. Gabrielle gave the crowd her background in dairy, explaining the part it played in her life growing up, and why it is such an important factor in our everyday lives.

Murphy also expressed her duties as a princess, saying, “I personally know the distance between the Philadelphia suburbs and the rural farms throughout PA ... I realized just how disconnected people are from the farm today, and how important it is for me and my fellow dairy princesses to share the agriculture story with everyone.”


Pennsylvania dairy farmer and member of the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program board of directors Lolly Lesher was next to the podium, sharing the positive facts about dairy today.


Lolly spoke on behalf of fellow dairy producers, stating, “Dairy farms are managed for efficiency and profitability. I give you my promise, as one who is passionate about the dairy industry, that I will make every effort to provide a wholesome, nutritious product in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.”

Editor's note: Click here to read more about Lesher and her role in the Pennsylvania Dairy Task Force.

Ending the day, guests were served from a giant ice cream sundae, consisting of 90 gallons of Turkey Hill ice cream, 10 gallons of chocolate fudge, 10 gallons of cherries, 30 pounds of chopped pecans, and topped with real whipped cream and a 12-inch ball of cherries.


Ice cream was distributed by volunteers and county dairy princesses until there wasn’t a scoop of the sundae left.

As dairy producers, the purpose of the day was not only to share delicious ice cream, but also to show why the dairy industry is important and such a vital player in the well-being of Pennsylvania. PD

TOP RIGHT: The giant ice cream sundae on the steps of the Capitol Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, allows dairy producers to educate legislators about June Dairy Month and the dairy industry. Courtesy photo Center for Dairy Excellence .

MIDDLE RIGHT: This year's sundae was constructed with 90 gallons of Turkey Hill ice cream. Courtesy photo Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Rebecca Shaw poses with a bowl of ice cream from the sundae and the Turkey Hill Holstein cow. Courtesy photo Center for Dairy Excellence.

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