Zoetis has launched a new website that focuses on its beef and dairy genomics business. The new website will offer greater convenience when ordering and access to important information relevant to management of genetics on beef and dairy operations.

“Dairy and beef producers, now more than ever, use Internet resources to gain critical information about how to manage their operations,” says Doug Ricke, director for strategic marketing for genetics. “Through this new website, we are making it easier for beef and dairy producers to find information, order products and engage with customer service personnel in more efficient ways.”

The new Zoetis website will offer the following information:

  • Product information and updates
    • The new site provides information producers need to understand how genomic products from the company can benefit herd management. In addition to the full suite of genomic products, information on the site links to external resources and helpful product and genomic fact sheets as well.
  • Ordering information
    • Beef and dairy producers will appreciate easy access to the ordering process for the company’s genomic tests, including testing kits. In addition, visitors can find information on how to contact a customer service representative through the website.
  • Genetics management information
    • Articles and news bulletins relating to genetic management and advancements are available to help visitors stay current with new technologies.

Those seeking information about genetic products can now use the product name as the web address. This makes it easier for producers to quickly find specific product information without navigating through the full website. PD


—From Zoetis news release