Silostop Orange now available Bruno Rimini Corp., makers of Silostop oxygen barrier film, have introduced Silostop Orange. According to the company, the new product is strong and stretchy. It is advertised as a total oxygen barrier film that reduces dry matter loss, decreases visible spoilage, maintains feed quality, improves aerobic stability and saves labor.

The film is available up to 65-by-1,000 feet with larger sizes available by special order.

—From Bruno Rimini Corp. news release

Exacta, a one-step CIP detergent
AgroChem Inc. has introduced Exacta, a highly concentrated, non-foaming acid detergent formulated to clean an entire milking system in a single wash cycle.

Exacta contains a high-performance combination of sanitizing acids, surfactants and emulsifiers that dissolve fats, mineral deposits and proteins.


He also says that the zero-phosphate formula is gentle on equipment and the environment – and reduces bacterial growth between milkings.

The non-foaming formulation is purported to avoid “trap-out.” PD

—From AgroChem Inc. news release