Purina Animal Nutrition’s new warm weather calf starter Purina Animal Nutrition LLC has introduced Ampli-Calf Warm Weather Starter. The feed includes Appetitemaker, a patent-pending, proprietary additive for stimulating higher feed intake, ClariFly Larvicide to help control flies and organic chromium, along with other organic trace minerals that are highly digestible.

The company cites research saying that calves fed the new product weighed 12.16 pounds more at weaning and had an increased average daily gain of 0.15 pounds when compared to two formulations of a national competitive brand and five competitors’ custom starters.

When compared to the previous formula of Ampli-Calf Starter feed, the research showed that calves fed Ampli-Calf Warm Weather Starter weighed 12.44 pounds more at weaning and had an 0.18-pound greater average daily gain.

—From Purina Animal Nutrition

Handy Camel clip seals large bags, creates carrying handle
The Handy Camel was designed to solve the problem of grappling with a heavy bag of feed that threatens to spill its contents everywhere. The product is an adaptation of the “chip bag clips” found in many kitchens.


The 12-inch clip has a special hinge closure system that makes it capable of sealing large bags. The built-in handle purportedly allows users to carry awkward bags with ease and can be adjusted for use as a pouring handle.

The product has rounded teeth on the interior of the clip-to-grip bags without tearing. When used, the clip is slid sideways across the width of the bag to be sealed. Once the clip starts to close over the bag, the ratchet system will begin to lock the bag closed.

—From Handy Camel news release

New utility tractors from Case IH
Case IH has two new utility tractors, the Farmall 105U with 91 PTO HP and the Farmall 115U with 98 PTO HP.

The new models use Tier 4A-compliant Case IH FPT four-cylinder 3.4-L turbocharged and intercooled engines. Fuel is delivered with electronic high-pressure common-rail fuel injection. Glow plugs warm the engine prior to a cold-weather start, eliminating the need to use ether.

The models are propelled with 12-speed forward, 12-speed reverse transmissions. They incorporate an electro-hydraulic power shuttle wet-clutch transmission. PD

—From Case IH news release