Read the latest from several genetics companies and the changes to their genetic offerings and current lineups of dairy sires, following the release of the April genetic evaluations. Visit each company’s websites for complete listings of their sire lineups. Select a link below to jump directly to a specific section:

ABS expands on diverse offering with new grads, polled genomic sires
Stronger than ever, ABS Global graduates eight Holsteins and two Jerseys, in addition to a diverse offering of high genomic sires.

29HO14422 Welcome GENOMics-ET leads the way in the latest graduating class. With outstanding production (+1918 Milk, +96 Fat and +51 Protein), he adds Calving Ease (CE) at 7.2 percent and +2.03 Udder Composite (UDC) to provide a balanced package. Another outcross sire added to the lineup this run is 29HO14552 Brandt-View EZRA-ET. This feed efficiency sire boasts +5.6 Productive Life (PL) and +585 Net Merit $ (NM$).

The commercial dairyman’s dream, 29HO14427 Pine-Tree Oman ABC-ET is a late O Man son from an EX-91 BOLIVER. With +800 CM$ and +698 NM$, his strong and dairy daughters pack a profitable punch in a compact package. Adding to an exciting graduate offering is Red and White sire 94HO0877 Hylltop PRESLEY-RED-ET. He is an excellent outcross option with 7.1 percent CE and strong production and components.

ABS strives to offer producers the genetic diversity for any operation around the globe. Recently added to the ABS Primetime genomic sire offering is 29HO16698 Pen-Col BELUGA-ET, with +2420 GTPISM, +1840M, +831 NM$ and over +2.00 PTAT, UDC and FLC.


With polled genetics on the industry forefront, ABS has added two outstanding polled sires to the ABS Primetime lineup – 29HO16733 Pine-Tree OHARE-P and 29HO16658 Kings-Ransom DURAND-P*RC. OHARE-P is the second high GTPI polled sire in the industry with +2201 GTPI. He adds +2073M, +682 NM$, and 6.5 percent CE. DURAND-P*RC, a heterozygous polled sire with +1.7 DPR and +2.35 UDC, is well-suited for commercial environments.

—From ABS Global news release

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Drive your herd's profitability with new sires from Accelerated Genetics
A bundle of new sires released made the April sire summary as promising as the coming of the new spring season for Accelerated Genetics. The new sires graduating into the proven line up are sure to drive herds to new levels of profitability. Among the new Holstein PACE graduates, diversity is the term that best describes them. They also display a combination of production, type and longevity along with elite ratings for TPI and Net Merit.

014HO06170 LEHMAN enters the active lineup as a sire already ranking among the top 100 of the breed for TPI. 014HO06196 PISTOL is close behind LEHMAN for TPI at +2002. 014HO06173 VERNAL is the highest PACE graduate based on Net Merit (+574 NM$). His sire stack is as unique as his ability to sire high milk production (+1221 Milk) and great reproduction (+3.0 DPR). He is also a calving ease sire and is over +2000 TPI.

Another high TPI sire, combining type, production and great reproduction is 014HO06080 BUILDING. He is over +1000 PTAM, +56 Fat, +2.15 Type and +1.2 DPR. 014HO06133 DENALI is +2.53 for Type, nearly +2.00 UDC and +2.42 FLC. 014HO06120 COPPER, a calving ease sire, is rated at +1633 Milk, +56 Fat, +42 Protein with a 2.69 SCS. 014HO06056 RAMBLE is a great source of components (+.15 percent F, +.04 percent P), longevity (+3.8 PL), reproduction (+1.1 DPR) and outstanding feet and legs (+1.56 FLC).

Finally, two Pronto sons round out our new releases. 014HO06158 ATOMIC is a great foot and leg bull (+2.52 FLC), that has great health traits and is a calving ease sire. 014HO06177 ACTION brings production (+1147M), calving ease and great health traits.

In the Red and White breed, 014HO07175 DUCATI-RED is the highest available Red and White sire for TPI. New in the Brown Swiss breed is 014BS00370 FAUST is backed by the 94-point Jade. He sires breed-leading udders (+1.79), high type and great components. In Jerseys, 014JE00544 DAZZLE is rated at +1774 Milk and +51 Protein. At +163 JPI, he ranks among the top 30 active sires of the breed.

New on the GeneFORCE list include Holsteins: 014HO07090 Solo, 014HO07151 Joe, 014HO07184 Triton and 014HO07042 Galvin-P. In Jerseys, 014JE00595 Patriot and 014JE00602 Florino were added.

—From Accelerated Genetics news release

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Spring ahead with Alta’s new releases
This April, eight bulls receive their first official daughter evaluation. From our labs to your farm and from a pregnancy to a live-born calf, fertility and calving ease remain priorities at Alta.

AltaMETEOR is Alta’s new No. 1 daughter-proven bull for TPI. He offers production (1427 pounds PTAM) and health (5.3 PL, 0.3 DPR, 5.6 SCE, 4.7 DCE) in a flawless package (3.06 PTAT). AltaCALIBER is an extreme type improver (3.33 PTAT, 2.73 UDC, 2.98 FLC). He doesn’t shy away from production (1036 pounds PTAM) and holds ground in terms of health traits (0.6 DPR, 2.76 SCS, 7.2 percent SCE, 6.1 percent DCE). AltaTENOR will produce trouble-free cows (1.4 DPR, 4.5 PL, 2.54 SCS) that produce well (1003 pounds PTAM) and calve with ease (4.3 percent DCE) with tremendous udders (PTAT 2.40).

Previously released in December with production data, AltaMAGNETO receives his first daughter proof for Type. Progressive producers have embraced this outcross bull for his unparalleled calving traits (4.3 percent SCE, 3.1 percent DCE), desirable health profile (2.2 DPR, 3.4 PL), noteworthy production (1146 pounds PTAM, 95 pounds CFP), and functional type (PTAT 1.95). New release AltaJUPITER offers a different skill set than full brother, AltaMETEOR. His daughters will produce large quantities of milk (1500 pounds PTAM), outlive herd-mates (+5.0) and calve or be born with ease (4.8 percent SCE, 5.7 percent DCE).

FutureStar graduate AltaMARS is a component (.06 percent P, .04 percent F, 107 CFP) and milk production improver (1190 pounds PTAM) with a well-rounded proof for health (0.3 DPR, 3.2 PL, 6.6 percent) and Type (1.96 PTAT). AltaDETROIT is a functional type specialist (3.00 PTAT, 2.25 UDC, 2.57 FLC) with an admired calving profile (5.4 percent SCE, 5.2 percent DCE). AltaTAHOE is an outcross sire with a unique offering including high component yields (0.14 percent F, 0.08 percent P, 96 pounds CFP) and calving ease.

—From Alta Genetics news release

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CRV bulls offer efficient profit
The April 2013 sire evaluations for CRV presented bulls with a basis for an efficient dairy breeding program. With an excellent lineup of Holstein and Jersey sires that showcase functional type, high combined fat and protein, and increasing milk production; their daughters are sure to be long-living, efficient and profitable producers.

CRV’s Jersey program continues to develop with several outstanding sires. KINDLE is the No. 4 genomic bull for LCM$ (+717). He also is +621 NM$ and +7.0 PL. Just released, ROYALTY promises high quality daughters with 240 JPI, +1431M, and +146 combined fat and protein. Also new, RAWLS and LEVY excel in production with over +1350M, +135 combined fat and protein, and +530 CM$.

Newly released Holstein DECEMBER, debuts at 2294 GTPI, +830 NM$, 155 pounds combined fat and protein, and a + 7.3 PL. HAVOC has quickly become the star child of CRV bull HUNTER. Both offer over 100 pounds combined fat and protein, +680 NM$, and both improve rear udders.

RANGER provides functional type with moderate production with +3.01 PTAT, +2.69 UDC, +767M, and +107 combined fat and protein. DARSON promises excellent udders that milk well with +1265M, +3.19 FUA, +3.50 RUH and +3.22 RUW. Three other new releases – SAFFORD, KRATER, and CALVIN – all have over +100 pounds combined fat and protein along with functional type scores.

Returning to the lineup is global star CHEVROLET with scores of 2345 pounds Milk, 86 pounds Fat, 76 pounds Protein, and +915 NM$ crossed with 2484 GTPI, and over +2.00 for PTAT.

—From CRV USA news release

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Genex releases new sires, new innovations
With the April sire summaries, Genex Cooperative, Inc. demonstrated bull power and released new industry innovations. Genex claims four of the top 10 positions on the industry Lifetime Net Merit (LNM) and TPI lists.

1HO08784 FREDDIE %-I ranks No. 2 for LNM adding in over 1,900 milking daughters. Component and fitness specialist 1HO08777 AWESOME is the No. 3 bull. 1HO09167 O-STYLE climbed to +$728 and No. 5. 1HO09527 MASSEY ranks No. 8.

FREDDIE earned a No. 2 industry ranking for TPI. O-STYLE is No. 4 and MASSEY No. 5. 1HO09192 HILL, the premier Shottle son, stands at No. 6 with an impressive package: +$649 LNM, +2237 TPI, +1900 PTA Milk, +2.94 UDC, +2.4 SCR and 102 PregCheck.

Among 18 new sires is 1HO10837 FLYN %-I at +$895 LNM. 1HO10788 JACEY %-I and 1HO10824 TANGO are GTPI specialists over +2400. 1HO10696 YOVANI, 1HO10856 JAYDEN, 1HO10733 JAGER %-I and 1HO10579 YOOHOO are Robust sons with a variety of maternal grandsires: Boliver, Wizard, Ramos and Encino. All improve components and Productive Life.

GENESIS graduate 1HO10805 YALE %-I is a +$724 LNM Bookem son out of the former No. 1 cow, Co-op Boliver Yoyo-ET, VG-85, VG-MS, DOM. 1HO10389 COOPER B/R %-I is a +$711 LNM Clark son from former No. 1 cow Ms Pride Plnt Tasket 788-ET, VG-85. He scored over +2.00 for UDC, FLC and Type.

As more dairies incorporate robotic milking systems, Genex provides those producers opportunity for more profitable sire selection decisions. A new Robot Compatibility Index identifies bulls with desired mobility and leg placement, optimal teat size and shape, and improved milking speed for robotic milking systems.

Maintaining fertility leadership, Genex unveils a new way for producers to create profits through pregnancies. PregCheck is an easy to use fertility ranking on a 100-base system (100 is average). Every point difference is equivalent to a 1 percent difference in conception rate.

—From Genex news release

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IPS releases +2096 GTPI sire
International Protein Sires activated new genetic leaders following the April 2013 sire summaries. Among the breed’s top five for protein, 566HO1185 Bjorn – a new proven graduate – is +70 pounds protein. He is a high milk bull at +1,871 pounds. His Net Merit Dollar rating of +512 is noteworthy. Superior conformation, strong productive life and a low somatic cell score rates him +2096 for GTPI.

A type bull, 6HO1159 Bence, is a classic IPS daughter-proven sire having both supreme type and notable production. He excels for all type traits: +2.42 Type, +2.81 UDC and +1.85 FLC. His +2.4 PL and 2.78 SCS indicate long, enduring dairy cows.

A Holstein Association’s Top 100 TPI sire, 6HO1126 Rockwell’s credentials are sterling. His TPI rating of +1995 is supported by +1,355M, +2.41 Type, +2.38 FLC and +1.62 UDC. A recent addition to the IPS lineup is 54HO0445 Just Right, a Mich son with genuine credentials: +2.71 Type, +2.67 UDC, +2.39 FLC.

Recently introduced genomic tested young sires include 566HO1186 Out Done PO, RC and 566HO1181 Enigma. Out Done is polled and a Red Carrier with +2099 GTPI, +2.84 Type, +2.54 UDC and +634M. 566HO1181 Enigma comes in at +2288 GTPI, +2,452M and +2.26 Type.

—From International Protein Sires news release

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CASH brothers lead Jetstream’s lineup as highest Observer sons available
Jetstream Genetics announces an excellent April 2013 sire summary proof run, with several unique opportunities available. The genetic information released on April 9 resulted in the following highlights:

534HO00008 COLT 45 is the No. 1 RC PO sire that is over +3.21 Type. 534HO00010 CASHCOIN is the No. 1 Observer son in the USA and Canada (GTPI +2470, +2.70 Type). 534HO00009 CASHMONEY is the No. 3 Observer son in Canada; he is over +3.00 on Type for the U.S. 534HO00001 CARSON is Jetstream’s No. 1 milk sire with extreme production (+2249M) and Type (over +3.00). With a 6 percent CE and outstanding fertility, he is attractive all around.

534HO00012 MODEL is a great productive life sire at an extreme +6.9 PL, +2.21 Type and over+700 NM$. A 6 percent CE makes 534HO00013 PLAYBALL a specialist; he provides high production and health traits from a showcase pedigree that has been time-tested true.

534HO00016 BANK is an attractive mating prospect at +2311 GTPI. No Snowman, Bolton or Toystory makes him an outcross sire and a unique opportunity delivering +3.31 Type. 534HO00017 DELTA is Jetstream’s No. 1 type sire (+3.73 Type) with loads of milk at +1742. From the EX95 All American Rockymountain Talent Licorice, 534HO00018 LOTUS RC dazzles as Jetstream’s No. 1 Custom Cut Type Sire.

—From Jetstream Genetics news release

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New Generation Genetics bulls are front and center
Following the release of the April 2013 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics ranked at or near the top for milk, components, type, udder composite, mobility, fertility, DPR, productive life, NM$ and PPR.

54BS374 Sun-Made VIGOR ET *TM VIGOR crested 8,000 daughters in milk and continues to be the most influential bull of his time with a proof of 137 PPR, +415 NM$, +402M, +19P, +1.0 DPR, +1.18 UDC, +0.7 Mobility and +6.0 PL. 54BS438 R N R Payoff BROOKINGS also stayed at the top of the list with his blend of solid milk, high components, great health traits and fantastic udders. His production proof improved to +325M, +29F +.08 percent F, +24P, +.06 percent P, +3.3 PL, +1.1 DPR, 165 PPR and +425 NM$. He is also near the top of the Type list at +1.0 Type, +1.3 Mobility and +1.18 UDC.

54BS438 Cozy Nook Beamer TORCH is perhaps one of the most over-looked bulls in the breed. He currently ranks No. 3 for PPR & NM$. His proof is +459M, +49F, +.14 percent F, +35P +.09 percent P, +2.9 PL, +0.9 DPR, +0.93 UDC, 175 PPR and +439 NM$.

54BS462 Cutting Edge W AUSTIN ET *TM is the new active type leader of proven bulls in the breed (+1.2 Type, +1.0 Mobility, +596M, 2.87 SCS, 5 percent CE). 54BS458 Forest Lawn Zeus DIAMOND ET *TM graduates very close with his original genomic production traits and delivers breed-leading DPR and is also an udder improver: +716M, +2.8 DPR,+2.2 PL, $358 NM$, 98 PPR. 54BS450 Onword VALOR *TM debuts at the new No. 1 udder composite bull in the breed at +2.07 UDC.

—From New Generation Genetics new release

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New No. 1 GTPI sire of the breed, Observer, headlines graduates
Ten new Holstein graduates have joined the Select Sires active lineup. The group’s headliner, 7HO10606 De-Su OBSERVER-ET (VG-88) comes in as the No. 1 GTPISM sire of the breed at +2332 GTPI. He also leads the Select Sires lineup in Net Merit (+$792), Fluid Merit (+$763) and Cheese Merit (+$825).

He transmits excellent production (+1,602 Milk) and Protein (+52, +.02 percent) with highly reliable data from over 200 milking daughters. His daughters have exceptional udders (+3.02 UDC) and Type (+2.70 Type). He earns the HealthMark designation with an outstanding Productive Life (PL) of +7.2. At 6.0 percent DBH, he is a calving ease specialist.

7HO10297 Foxberry Bax MCNUGGETS-ET is the No. 2 GTPI and Net Merit new release in the breed (behind OBSERVER) at +2151 and +$703, respectively. A HeathMark sire, he leads the Select Sires lineup for Productive Life (+7.4) and is No. 2 for Somatic Cell Score (2.53). He transmits exceptional fat (+75 Fat, +.14 percent Fat) with outstanding production (+1,038M). At +2.04 for Type, his daughters have high, wide rear udders and excellent feet and legs (+2.06 FLC).

He has two brothers in the active lineup, 7HO9918 Foxberry JS MCFLY-ET (EX-91-GM) and 7HO10233 Foxberry Bax MIZZOU-ET (VG-88) with another member of the family, 7HO11853 Coyne-Farms Srock MACK-ET, released as a Super Sampler in April 2013. 7HO10217 Lars-Acres Felices FEAST-ET (VG-87) transmits exceptional production (+1,787M) with superior component yields (+55F, +42P) and is a feet and leg improver (+2.12 FLC).

7HO10353 Ralma Baxter CHAPTER-ET (EX-91) hails from the same family as lineup sire, 7HO9321 Ralma Gold CROWN-ET (EX-91-GM) and Super Sampler, 7HO11611 Markwell Snowman CAESAR-ET. He has the best FLC (+2.98) among new graduates and at +2.10 Type, he will sire cows that work in any operation. This balanced sire transmits longevity (+5.3 PL) and low SCS (2.61) with production (+1,302M).

7HO10433 C-Haven SUBRARO-ET (EX-93) transmits exceptional Fat (+92F, +.17 percent F) and is the No. 1 sire for fat yield at Select Sires. His daughters have high, wide rear udders with a strong udder cleft while producing high volumes of Milk (+1,296). He is a foot and leg improver at +2.04 FLC.

High GTPI (+2026) and Type (+2.65) graduate, 7HO10406 Ronelee Boliver DASHAWN-ET (VG-88), transmits longevity (+3.9 PL) and reproductive efficiency (+0.4 DPR).7HO10446 Glen-D-Haven BRYCEN-ET-TW is another high-GTPI graduate (+2020) with solid Net Merit (+$600) and Cheese Merit (+$627). He transmits exceptional milk (+1,868M) and protein yield (+58P). His daughters are moderate in stature and long-lasting (+5.1 PL) herd members. 7HO10204 Sandy-Valley CHEERIO daughters are wide-chested cows with strong fore udder attachments, high, wide rear udders and exceptional feet and legs (+2.37). He transmits excellent production (+1,061M), as well.

It is no surprise this Showcase Selections sire 7HO10468 Mr Rockton Mlnd MOREY-ET improves Type (+3.43), udders (+2.52 UDC) and feet and legs (+2.45 FLC). With a Sire Conception Rating (SCR) of +2.5, he earns the Superior Settler designation. Another addition to the Showcase Selections lineup, 7HO10309 Ernlo Gold Lynn DICKEY (EX-92) is a top-three Type sire at Select Sires (+3.67). He transmits exceptional udders (+3.01 UDC) and feet and legs (+2.74 FLC). His daughters produce excellent components (+.11 percent F, +.08 percent P).

—From Select Sires news release

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Semex adds bulls offering fertility and healthy cows
Every day, and each proof round, Semex works hard to deliver our customers the very best newly released daughter proven sires and exciting young genomic sires available anywhere in the world. Following the April 2013 genetic evaluations, Semex is pleased to release the following sires.

Semex’s Repromax sires provide immediate results that increase your dairy’s reproductive performance and profitability. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the April evaluations are: 0200HO00560 MONUMENT IMPRESSION; 0200HO06060 SANDY-VALLEY ARTISTIC; 0200HO02519 TRUE-BLUE SHOWBOAT.

Semex’s Healthsmart sires produce quality daughters that are healthier, more fertile and last longer. HealthSmart sires including 0200HO05929 Gen-I-Beq Brawler are proven to sire desirable, healthy cows. New to this roster following the April evaluations are: 0200HO03658 MARBRI FLYER; 0200HO00560 MONUMENT IMPRESSION; 0200HO06060 SANDY-VALLEY ARTISTIC; 0200HO02502 SANDY-VALLEY THADLEY; 0200HO02519 TRUE-BLUE SHOWBOAT.

Semex’s rigorous genomic young sire standards ensure that these bulls are the very best young bulls in the world, with only one in seven bulls entering the Semex stud reaching Genomax status. This lineup includes young bulls that have become household names including: 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno and 0200JE00514 DP Frontrunner.


—From Semex news release

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De-Su Observer takes April 2013 proofs
April 2013 proof day was very exciting for SDB. We were just getting genomic results in from DeSu 506H705 when we heard that his full brother Observer became the No. 1 proven bull in the breed for TPI and NM$. There is no question we are bringing better genetics to commercial herds than any other stud with this proof run.

Our proven bulls like Big Daddy 506H116, Heirloom 506H151, Broeks 506H224 and many other bulls are adding daughters and are proving to show the reliability in our program with little changes. 506H118 Ryker, previously available through Select Sires, is back at SDB and is one of our highlight proven bulls with a TPI of 1971, 50 pounds Fat, 2.65 Type, 2.76 UDC, reliability at 91 percent with 64 daughters in his proof.

We now have six bulls in the top 99th percentile of the NM$ index with Castaway 506H250 at $755; six bulls over 5 PL with Froggy 506H247 at 9 PL; 23 bulls over 2.00 on Type with TJ 506H246 at 3.55; 15 bulls over 2.00 UDC with Ryker 506H118 at 2.76; 13 bulls over 2.00 FLC with Suntan 506H223 at 3.60; and eight bulls over 100 pounds combined fat and protein with Addition 506H706 at a whopping 147 pounds.

On the colored breed side, Bellringer 506J171 now has more than 4,100 daughters in his proof. He is a high fat (0.18 percent F) and type bull (1.5 Type). We also expanded our crossbreed lineup with Dr. Gonzo 506MO650, an Urbaniste x Q Impuls from one of the best crossbred breeders, Jon Lundgren in Wisconsin.

SDB is proud to announce a partner agreement with Ray-Mar Angus in providing our customers with some of the very best Angus bulls in the breed for the ever increasing demand of Holstein-Angus cross. These will be bulls that calf ranches are demanding Holsteins be bred to for the best premium beef price. PD

—From Sierra Desert Breeders new release

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