John Randall, owner of Randi B Farm in Bloomfield, New York, spends long hours in the winter figuring out how to make hay equipment more accurate and more profitable. Some of his modifications include an electronic unit that via wi-fi signal sends data to a tablet informing the tractor operator (and anyone sitting within line of sight on the same wi-fi signal) of bale moisture, bale weight, feed rate and bale length – that way, adjustments can be made on the fly.

But that was only part of the battle. Randall has also modified the bale chute dimensions, a van loader, a bale wagon strapper, a tedder and has “dreamed up” a plungerless baler design and built a scale model of it. All of these projects are designed to help Randall meet his goal – 100 acres per day.

Some folks dream of a vacation in Cancun or a cruise through a warmer climate in the winter months, but Randall dreams of ways to improve his hay equipment to be more efficient. It takes all kinds of people to make this world turn.

Read more about Randall’s equipment modifications here and here. Also, see a slideshow of some of his projects below. Photos by Lynn Jaynes.


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