ASV bolsters forestry, construction, landscaping and snow-clearing attachment lineup

ASV, an industry-leading brand offering all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, introduces new attachments. The new branded tools include several versatile options for forestry, construction, landscaping and snow clearing. They include a low-flow mulcher, stump grinders, angle brooms, a teleboom, a long floor bucket, a cold planer and a v-blade. The attachments are tested and optimized for ASV machines. Additionally, buyers benefit from the ability to purchase both the attachment and machine from ASV dealers.

Available through ASV’s dealer network, the attachments are built to last and improve job site productivity. Each was chosen and carefully matched to ASV machines for maximum compatibility. The result is guaranteed performance right off the shelf, with plug-and-play performance ready to go from day one.

The new attachments are also simple to finance. If eligible, commercial buyers who buy an ASV machine through an ASV dealer have the option to finance the attachment with the loader.

ASV backs the attachments with a two-year warranty. Parts and support are available directly through the company.


Photo courtesy of New Holland.

IntelliSense bale automation from New Holland revolutionizes large square baler industry

New Holland is steering toward autonomous baling with the introduction of IntelliSense bale automation. The first technology of its kind, IntelliSense bale automation pushes the boundaries of baling innovation and transforms the way customers and operators approach large square baling by delivering a completely automated baling system.


Lasering in on windrows with precision

At its core, IntelliSense provides operators with a complete automated baling system focused on feed rate and swath guidance. It achieves this by combining two operator-assisted baling modes.

SmartSteer swath guidance acts as autosteering for precise navigation of the tractor and baler along the windrow. This mode allows hands-free driving when the swath is detected. Steering automation can be turned off and on at any time by the push of a button or movement of the steering wheel.

Starting in 2025, customers will have the opportunity to place orders for the IntelliSense bale automation system as a factory-fit option. Immediate integration for the system is available now as a New Holland dealer-installed accessory option.


Photo courtesy of Renegade Plastics.

Renegade Plastics’ agricultural fabrics help minimize microplastic waste for healthier animals, people and planet

Plastic is used in various applications throughout the agriculture industry – from hoop house covers to barn curtains, mulching and more. Unfortunately, when most plastics break down they result in microplastic pollution. According to a 2022 UN report, all of these tiny pieces of plastic are accumulating in the soil at an “alarming” rate. What’s more, researchers are finding that the accumulation of plastic waste has numerous detrimental effects on the soil microbiome, crop growth, livestock reproductive function and human health. Fortunately, leading fabric company Herculite has introduced a line of green, sustainable barn curtains featuring Renegade Plastics’ recyclable, better-for-the-planet agricultural fabrics.

The Renegade fabric used in Herculite’s line of eco-friendly barn curtains is a medium-duty polypropylene-based coated fabric that is free from phthalates, dioxins, PFAS and heavy metals such as lead. This evolutionary material offers maximum UV stability, and based on evidence from lab tests and anecdotes from field pilots, lets in less thermal infrared radiation than polyethylene-based products while also proving to be a better insulator.

These materials are recyclable with Renegade’s assistance, making them a key purchase for operations looking to enhance their circularity and keep microplastics out of their soil and livestock. Herculite barn curtains made with Renegade’s fabrics are better for animal welfare and for reducing plastic waste from the agricultural industry.

Renegade provides a recyclable fabric solution that is free from lead, phthalates, dioxins, PFAS, VOCs and heavy metals for numerous industries from billboards to sports equipment. Renegade has exclusive rights to polypropylene-based coated fabrics that can improve the environment from farms to school bus seats to fabric structures. By replacing these materials now, Renegade is establishing the foundation for a circular plastic fabric economy.


Photo courtesy of Case IH.

Case IH brings lidar technology to hay producers, a first of its kind in large square baler automation

The next wave of automation is coming to large square baling in 2024 through Case IH baler automation. Designed for hands-free efficiency, large square baler automation maximizes throughput and delivers consistent, high-quality bales regardless of operator experience level. The dealer-installed automation kit connects seamlessly with Class 3 ISOBUS Puma, Optum and Magnum tractors.

Case IH baler automation is the industry’s first light detection and ranging (lidar) baling system, opening unprecedented opportunities for hay producers in efficiency and productivity.

The lidar-based swath analysis sends out laser pulses to measure the position and size of the windrows. The technology adjusts the speed and steering of the tractor to maximize throughput without overloading the baler, resulting in increased runtime compared to traditional baling. With the automatic adjustments and hands-free baling, producers can put less-experienced operators in the cab, or spend time in the cab running farm operations or focusing on other business.

Case IH precision technology through AFS Connect also ensures that tracking and monitoring are happening during the baling process. Hay producers can remotely monitor field performance and tractor diagnostics during baling while securing records for review after harvest.

Baler automation, being launched at the 2024 NCBA Cattle Con, is compatible with HD models from model years 2020-24, and XL models from model years 2022-24.

Case IH has a broad range of hay-system solutions in 2024, from advanced equipment to a recently introduced app that streamlines invoicing processes for custom hay producers.