“Over the past decade, there have been numerous cases when the federal government has attempted to circumvent long-established state water law in order to take privately-held water rights without paying for them,” Tipton was quoted in anAgri-Pulse article by Derrick Cain.

“By using the federal permit, lease, and land management process to extort water rights from those who hold rights under state law, the federal government is overreaching, violating private property rights, and the United States Constitution.”

Twelve Democrats threw in their support for the measure, while 174 Democrats and no Republicans voted against it. Those who opposed the bill said, among other things, that the legislation is “drafted broadly and would cause federal land managers to lose the ability to restrict the use of water on federal lands, meaning water users could leave rivers and streams dry,” the article reads.

The Public Lands Council and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, however, applauded passage of the bill. 

—Summarized by FG staff from cited source