“Ron has a very strong background in working with multi-segmented agricultural organizations such as ours, as well as private industry,” says CFGA Chairman Doug Wray. “His communication and leadership abilities combined with fundraising experience give us the confidence that he has the skills, experience and qualifications to successfully lead the CFGA into the future.”

Pidskalny replaces retiring CFGA Executive Director/Founder Wayne Digby.

Pidskalny was an advisor to the Canadian government on the International Plant Genetics Treaty and has commented on the "Study on Modern Food Biotechnology, Human Health and Development" on behalf of the Canadian Society of Agronomy and the Agricultural Institute of Canada for the World Health Organization.


He has served on the board of governors of the Agricultural Institute of Canada and is past-western director of the Canadian Society of Agronomy.

Recent assignments include working as Senior Project Manager for the Canadian National Transplant Research Program, coordinating the development of a five-year budget of almost $24 million for a team of 105 investigators and 86 collaborators from across Canada.

He also served as the business development officer for biofuels and bioindustrial products for Genome Alberta, where he developed strategic business plans to focus Alberta's genomics research on commercial biofuel and bioindustrial applications.

Have questions or want to welcome Pidskalny to his new role? Contact him by email or at (780) 434-2030.  FG

—From Canadian Forage and Grassland Association news release