The 12-20 design has a variable width blade that allows adjustments from 12 to 20 feet. With hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the blade, and a clear measurement indicator visible from the cab, operators can make adjustments quickly and easily.


Its 72-inch height increases capacity, productivity and efficiency by allowing operators to move more material with each pass. The addition of optional box end plates increase its capacity even further and effectively contain the material load over greater distances.


Further, the blade’s lift height of about 48 inches allows operators to move large amounts of material into steeper piles with less potential for back dragging material.

The exclusive single-lever, quick-attach feature reduces hookup and removal time, allowing a smooth and fast transition for fieldwork.

The quick attach is mounted at the front of the tractor allowing the operator to quickly and efficiently align the tractor to the blade, drive forward and lock into place.

To detach the blade, the operator simply unhooks the hydraulic hoses, pulls the lever behind the blade and backs out the tractor.

The undercarriage and lift frame are designed to provide tremendous ground clearance. Placed high underneath the tractor, the 12-20 provides maximum material movement without getting bogged down in material.

The undercarriage also makes the transition from yard to fieldwork fast and easy. It serves as the extra weight needed for fieldwork, so there is no need to disassemble and reassemble OEM weight packages. Operators simply detach the blade and head for the field.

Additional standard features of the series include reversible, double-bevel cutting edges and customized nameplates.  FG

—From Grouser news release


Photo courtesy of Grouser.