The new organization also adopted bylaws patterned after the Central Oregon Hay Growers Association. The Southwest and Central groups both will be part of the Oregon Hay and Forage Association.

The purpose of SWHGA is to promote the welfare of the hay industry in Southwest Oregon, while the parent organization promotes the state’s second-leading agricultural product.

Although SWHGA is explicitly for those involved in hay and forage production, those supporting the goals of the association may become associate members.

Service members would be those involved in government, research and educational activities. Service members may not hold office and have no vote in the affairs of the association.

Members of the organization are from Jackson, Josephine and Douglas counties. There was discussion about including members from Coos and Curry counties but little hay is produced in those counties.

Jackson County Farm Bureau Vice President Glenn Archambault was present at the meeting and offered the services of the Farm Bureau in setting up the organization. While the help is available, it appears that the organization is well on its way to becoming self-supporting.

Another meeting will be called to finalize the bylaws and to get the organization moving forward.  FG


—From Southern Oregon Ag Online