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Business Digest Highlights

New Products and services

DeLaval invites dairy producers and industry to the farm, virtually

DeLaval’s Virtual Dairy Tour Program delivers a farm-to-screen experience to dairy producers interested in benchmarking with other farms and discovering new ways to achieve their goals. The tours are open for all, but attendees are asked to pre-register.

The company has hosted several virtual tours since May and plans to continue offering new tours once or twice per month through the end of the year. Each tour features a pre-recorded video walk-through, a live presentation of the farm’s milking technology showcasing the farm owner’s experience and time for attendees to ask questions.


Visit DeLaval to learn more.

Merck Animal Health launches Nasalgen 3-PMH

Merck Animal Health has introduced Nasalgen 3-PMH, an intranasal vaccine that protects beef and dairy cattle from the five most common pneumonia-causing viral and bacterial pathogens. The vaccine provides early, broad-spectrum respiratory protection in a needle-free, animal- and BQA-friendly administration.

“Nasalgen 3-PMH is a modified-live, intranasal vaccine that stimulates a strong early immune response to help give calves a strong foundation of respiratory disease protection,” says Scott Nordstrom, DVM, director of livestock innovation and discovery, Merck Animal Health. “Results of efficacy, duration of immunity and safety studies demonstrate the vaccine is safe and effective for calves at 1 week of age or older.”

It offers a six-and-a-half-month duration of immunity (DOI) against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), an 11-week DOI against bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), three-month DOI against parainfluenza 3 (PI3), as well as a four-month DOI against Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida.

This vaccine is designed with an IBR and PI3 that are not temperature-sensitive, so the vaccines will replicate and protect in a moderate- to high-temperature environment. It contains a BluShadow diluent that indicates which animals have been vaccinated.

The vaccine is safe for use in pregnant cows and in calves nursing pregnant cows, as well as young calves. The vaccine will be available for purchase in early 2021.

Visit Merck Animal Health for more information.

Kuhn introduces new rotary rakes, power harrows and shredders

Kuhn North America Inc. introduced the GA 4230 T and 4231 T trailed single-rotor rotary rakes, the HR 1030 and 1040 Series power harrows and the BV 10 and BV 100 Series shredders.

These two new rakes incorporate the company’s Masterdrive GIII double-reduction gearbox technology. Key components have been improved including the aluminum alloy housings, optimized cam tracks, larger follower bearings, tine arms with large-dimension bearings, sturdier pivoting tine support shaft, a reinforced main shaft and reinforced mounting of tine arms for the tine holders.

Other features include double-curved tine arms, hydraulic headland lift and tandem axles. The Masterdrive gearbox-equipped rakes have right-hand delivery for operator comfort and ease of use.

The GA 4231 T incorporates simple storage for the tine arms in the convenient rack at the front of the machine, and the guards fold vertically, while the arms are fixed on the GA 4230 T.

The power harrows’ newly designed rotors and lubed-for-life gear trough reduce power consumption for high tractor fuel efficiency. The sides of the main gear trough are constructed from 5/16-inch-thick (8 mm) steel. Forged-steel, treated gears have a convex shape to transmit all of the drive forces at the center of the upper bearings.

The power harrows come standard with an adjustable leveling bar. Hydraulic adjustability, available on the HR 1030 Series and standard on the HR 1040 Series, allows the operator to change the leveling bar and working depth from the tractor seat.

The shredders have a low-profile, heavy-duty gearbox, redesigned hammer knives and counterknives, and a new roller. The heavy-duty gearboxes and new PowerQuad IV belt drive offer outstanding power transmission. A shaft transmits power from the main gearbox to the new PowerQuad IV rotor drive belts. These drive belts improve power transmission over previous models while using the same number of belts.

Redesigned hammer knives feature a curved back. These heavy knives power through clippings and brush up to 3 inches in diameter. There are also three rows of counterknives inside the hood of each BV series to create fine clippings.

The rear roller on the shredders feature removable ends and multiple height adjustments.

Visit Kuhn North America Inc. for more information.

Great Plains introduces the Terra-Max

Great Plains developed a new solution in its hybrid tillage line-up – the Terra-Max. The tool is a versatile soil management solution that can be used as primary and secondary tillage to address a variety of needs from killing weeds and sizing residue to preparing a perfect seedbed.

Offered in 20-foot to 40-foot models, the tool is designed to perform in variable-intensity tillage with adjustable front and rear coulter gangs. The front gangs adjust from zero to 8 degrees, while the rear coulter gangs adjust proportionally from zero to 6 degrees.

The tool has a TurboSpeed blade. The blade’s design combines features from the TurboBlade and the SpeedBlade. The new blade achieves its soil penetration and breakout capabilities from the TurboBlade and operates at faster speeds because of the SpeedBlade’s low-concavity profile that drives the blade through the soil.

The new tool will be offered with the optional Implement Command system. The system is ISO-compatible and works with the tractor’s existing virtual terminal.

Visit Great Plains for more information.

Industry news

Cargill announces White Heart Award winners

Cargill announced the three winners of their first White Heart Award contest, honoring the people who go above and beyond to support dairy farms. The award was launched in May, in connection with Mental Health Awareness month, to shine the light on the positive things happening despite unprecedented challenges and help lift the spirit of the industry.

2020 award winners:

  • 2020 Central White Heart Award winner Maria Lammers, nominated by Kathryn Frankenberg from Frankenberg Family Farm.

  • 2020 Eastern White Heart Award winner Steven Entwistle, nominated by Betty Holman from Entwistle Brothers Farm.

  • 2020 Western White Heart Award winner Troy Wallin, nominated by Kathy Wallin from Troy Wallin Dairy.

Each winner will have their nomination story featured in individual blog posts on starting in September. In addition, each winner and nominator will receive a year’s worth of dairy via a monthly cheese shipment.

Visit Cargill for more information.

Alltech supports farmers with donations to the Iowa Derecho Devastation Relief Fund

In the aftermath of the derecho, the extreme weather event that devastated several communities across Iowa on Aug. 10, Alltech has established the Iowa Derecho Devastation Relief Fund to match donations dollar for dollar up to $25,000 and provide goods and services to farmers and their local communities who have been directly impacted.

Alltech and Hubbard Feeds will be donating the funds raised to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, the Iowa Pork Producers Association and the Iowa Corn Growers Association, who will ensure that these resources are utilized to aid the rural communities most in need of assistance. The companies are also donating equipment.

Donations are being collected through the Pearse Lyons ACE Foundation. Visit Alltech Iowa Derecho Devastation relief Fund for more information.

CHS supports Little Suamico Fire Dept through $2,610 grant

Through the CHS Country Operations Seeds for Stewardship grant program, CHS is proud to support local organizations that focus on safety, agriculture industry leadership and supporting rural communities.

The Little Suamico Fire Department (LSFD) received a $2,610 grant from CHS Larsen Cooperative to purchase grain entrapment rescue equipment through the CHS Country Operations Seeds for Stewardship grant program.

Since 2019, CHS ag retail locations across the U.S. have awarded more than $340,000 to local organizations through the Seeds for Stewardship program. The funds provided in 2020 are being used to help protect firefighters, engage students in ag leadership and education projects, sustain local 4-H and FFA groups, and build gathering places where 4-Hers and community members can meet.

Visit CHS to learn more.

ABS demonstrates commitment to science, precision and accuracy to create Sexcel Sexed Genetics

ABS Global announces the publication of the paper “Technical Note: Droplet digital PCR precisely and accurately quantifies sex skew in bovine semen,” in the Journal of Dairy Science. The paper describes the IntelliGen Technologies proprietary methods to validate sexed semen skew.

“We published this paper to provide a better understanding of our process and show our commitment to precision and accuracy in the testing, which we have had in place for several years,” says Dr. Elon Roti Roti, senior author joined by Nicole Cray and Jami Hauer of IntelliGen Technologies, and Matthias Wagner of Cellino Biotech Inc.

As Dr. Roti Roti explains, the droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) assay measures the sex skew using a molecular assay separate from the way sexed semen is produced. Therefore, the ddPCR assay can provide a more thorough and independent assessment of sex-skewed semen.

Visit ABS Global to learn more.  

Organization news

Humans of AABP launched on Facebook

Veterinary students, young practitioners and even more “seasoned” veterinarians often have not been prepared for when things go wrong in practice, such as a bad run of calvings, a surgery gone bad, a terrible situation with a client/co-worker or other mistakes.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) District 1 Director Dr. Liz Brock of North Berwick, Maine, says sometimes veterinarians can start thinking they are the only ones who struggle, but that’s not the case. “Knowing you aren’t alone in your feelings is an incredibly powerful way to detach yourself from them,” Brock explains. This gave Brock the impetus to start a series on the AABP Facebook page called “Humans of AABP.” The purpose is for veterinarians to share their stories with one another about the hard parts of practice. “In part so we can lift each other up, but mostly so the hidden masses know they aren’t alone,” Brock adds.

The Humans of AABP series tells the true stories of AABP members during the messy parts of life in bovine practice. Veterinary students and AABP members of all stages in their career are invited to describe their struggles and how they addressed them, sought support or mentorship and became stronger through their journey. Would you like to share your story with your name or anonymously? Email either Dr. Liz Brock or Dr. Fred Gingrich.

National Mastitis Council seeks Award of Excellence nominations

The National Mastitis Council (NMC) is accepting nominations for its Award of Excellence for Contribution to Mastitis Prevention and Control. This award recognizes an NMC member who has provided sustained contributions to mastitis prevention and control through research, extension and/or education, clinical practice or service to dairy producers.

The award carries a cash honorarium and travel stipend to attend the National Mastitis Council 60th annual meeting, Jan. 25-28, in Dallas, where the award will be presented.

To nominate an individual, complete the nomination form and submit two or three letters of support. These letters should describe how the nominee has met award criteria, including time in the dairy industry, positions held, major contributions to mastitis prevention and milk quality, research, publications, leadership roles, participation in NMC activities and industry involvement. Also, include the nominee’s CV and/or résumé. Nominations are due Oct. 31.

Visit The National Mastitis Council for more information.

Keith Bolsen Silage Safety Foundation reorganizes

Dr. Keith Bolsen’s message to send everyone home safe from livestock operations will continue following his passing on May 29, 2020. The non-profit organization Keith Bolsen Silage Safety Foundation has reorganized with new officers and board members, but the mission to promote safe silage management practices for bunker silos and silage piles has not changed. The foundation will provide educational resources and materials, and is available for presentations and training.

The foundation’s website,, offers videos, presentations and published articles. Use the “Contact Us” form to order handbooks in English and Spanish, as well as to request safety training and consulting. Memorials for Keith to help defray the production and cost of sharing these resources can also be made on the website, as well as all other donations.

The foundation’s co-founder, Ruth Bolsen; her daughter, Krista Corkill; and grandson, Chaise Price, have voluntarily resigned from the board following Keith’s passing but believe in the foundation’s mission and work.

Volunteer officers and founding directors include Connie Kuber, Connor Agriscience, president; Justin Waggoner, Kansas State University, vice president; Lance Whitlock, Progressive Dairy Solutions, secretary; and Doug DeGroff, Diversified Dairy Solutions, treasurer. New board members include Dr. Bob Charley, Lallemand Animal Nutrition; Eric Dorr, Chr. Hansen; Jacob Fisher, Mapleview Dairy, LLC; Luciana Jonkman, Diamond J Farms and DJD Jerseys; and Kurt Ruppel, Cargill.  end mark

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