In this episode, we talk with dairywoman Melissa Traiser. She is the owner-operator of THF Jerseys, a 45-cow dairy in Somerset, Wisconsin. We talk about how COVID-19 has affected her and her farm. She tells us about an act of kindness from her milk hauler that was specifically meaningful to her and her local dairy community.  

This episode's sponsor is Cargill Animal Nutrition.

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Cargill is helping dairy farmers say “thank you” to anyone who has shown them an act of kindness, big or small, through their new distinguished White Heart Award. Winners and nominators will receive a year's worth of delicious dairy! Visit today to recognize someone. Hurry, the nomination deadline is July 31, 2020. 



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Describe your farm and how it got its name. [1:45]
  • Describe what your COVID-19 experience has been like on the dairy? [2:15]
  • How did you find out about Cargill’s White Heart Award? [3:50]
  • Tell me about who you nominated for the White Heart Award and why. [4:15]
  • What’s a decision you need to make in the next month that you haven’t made up your mind about yet? What is it that you are considering? [7:15]
  • What dairying topic has you most curious right now? [9:00]
  • What’s the most meaningful conversation you’ve had this month? [10:45]
  • What advice would you have for a young dairy producer just getting started in the industry? [12:30]
  • What is the most worthwhile investment you’ve made on your dairy? [13:30]
  • If I were to give you $5,000 right now, what would you spend it on for your dairy? [14:30]
  • What’s the most recent accomplishment you had on your dairy that was meaningful to you? [15:05]
  • If you could wave a magic wand and change anything about your dairy facilities, what would it be? [16:30]
  • What’s your best excuse to use to get off the dairy if you have to? [17:05]
  • Fill in the blank: I’d love to get off the dairy and go do _____________ this weekend. [18:15]


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Watch a news story about the milk hauler Melissa references in this podcast here:


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