Operators will also appreciate the increased capacity of the available hopper extensions to work longer between refills, while the octagonal bottom reduces bridging and sticking for even cleanout.

Redesigned metering outlet controls offer operators the choice of either hydraulic or electric options to ensure that the right rate of fertilizer or seed is applied to the field. With the hydraulic option, each outlet is controlled by its own dual-acting hydraulic cylinder connected to the tractor’s SCVs. For even more enhanced control, operators can choose the electric metering outlet control option. One actuator for each metering outlet ensures reliability and precision, all controlled through the simple E-Click switch box.

For easy and convenient machine setup, the KUHN SpreadSet mobile app will guide operators through the information to ensure the right rate and spread pattern according to the product type, working width and speed. Operators can download the free app to either their Android or iOS devices.

John Deere fender extension

John Deere Tractor Rear Fender Extensions keep debris off windows, mirrors, fenders

May Wes, a manufacturer of aftermarket agricultural equipment, introduces the John Deere Tractor Rear Fender Extension.

Designed with the farmer in mind, the rear tractor fender extension helps keep field and road debris off windows, mirrors and fenders for safer and cleaner operation. It is available for a wide range of John Deere row-crop tractors.


The heavy-duty plastic fender extensions feature a contour-fitting design and are approximately 7 3/4 inches wide with a length matching the existing fender. Each set includes one left and one right fender extension, plus mounting instructions and hardware. Installation is simple and fast; drilling is required.

Massey Ferguson 5700 Global Series tractor

Massey Ferguson introduces 5700 Global Series tractors equipped with Dyna-4 transmission

AGCO Corp., a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, introduced two new Massey Ferguson 5700 Global Series mid-range tractors during the 2019 Sunbelt Ag Expo. The 100-HP MF5710D and the 110-HP MF5711D feature the high-end performance of the rugged, reliable Dyna-4 transmission in a handy tractor designed for efficient loader work, hay production and general on-the-farm use.

Dyna-4 transmission makes loader work faster, more efficient

The easy-to-operate and easy-to-maintain Dyna-4 transmission shifts smoothly through 16 forward and 16 reverse clutchless speeds, allowing the operator to shift through all gears and ranges on the roll. This speeds up time-consuming tasks like loading and stacking hay or cleaning barns and livestock lots.

In addition, Auto-Drive, standard in the new models, speed-matches the transmission to shift automatically at 1,500 rpm in Eco mode for transport and light applications. In Power mode, it auto-shifts at 2,100 rpm, convenient for field applications. Operators who make frequent stops when round baling, for example, will appreciate the brake-to-neutral feature, which operates the clutch as soon as the brake pedal is pressed, stopping the tractor with no other action required. When operations call for extremely low speeds, the 32-by-32 creeper gear option provides speeds as low as .06 mph.

Four loader models are available for 5700 Global Series tractors, each operated with the integrated joystick for the perfect loader-tractor combination. Choose from the MF941X and MF946X loaders for light-duty work or the high-performance MFFL3723 and MFFL3819 for work that demands the most from a loader. The pedestal mount design of these loaders and Quick Lock bucket system make attaching the loader and changing attachments faster, with fewer headaches.

Schuitemaker loader wagon

Schuitemaker is launching the new Rapide dual-purpose loader wagons

The new Rapide has the well-known Schuitemaker Trailing pick-up (including the standard equipped swivel wheels for better guidance and soil protection). Schuitemaker's proven distinctive pick-up system ensures the best following of the soil contours and maximum clearance under the wagon in combination with a smooth and, above all, clean crop flow during the pick-up process.

Because time means money for every contractor, certainly at harvest season, Schuitemaker has further developed the Rapide loader wagon so that the grass can be brought in quickly and efficiently while maintaining a consistently high cutting quality.

Thanks to the new Schuitemaker PowerRotor, the powerline and cutting system are running more smoothly than ever, even in the toughest grass conditions. The company is also introducing the new Schuitemaker Autoload system – fully automatic loading, so that even for the more inexperienced drivers, this process goes easy and fast.

Unique in the market is the new patented Schuitemaker Rapid Release front board (standard on the 1000 series). With this, the full wagon can be unloaded quickly and completely in one smooth movement, so that the next loading and unloading run can also take place in an optimal way.

John Deere 8RX Tractor

John Deere introduces the 8RX Tractor, the industry’s first fixed-frame, four-track tractor

For model year 2020, John Deere has introduced a new 8 Family Tractor lineup that includes 8R wheel tractors, 8RT two-track tractors and the industry’s first fixed-frame, four-track tractors – the all-new 8RX. These new tractors come standard equipped with the latest precision ag technology and allow customers to choose the machine configuration, options and horsepower to best fit their operation. 

With the turning characteristics of wheel tractors, 8RX Tractors deliver the pulling performance of tracks by providing more surface area of contact, less ground pressure and less slip than wheel tractors.

John Deere offers a wide range of track and axle configurations for these tractors. Multiple tread-spacing options are available and include 76-, 80-, 88- or 120-inch (193-, 203.2-, 223.5- or 304.8-centimeter) wide front axles. Three belt widths are available and include 18- and 24-inch (45.7- and 60.9-centimeter) wide front belts, or 18-, 24- and 30-inch (45.7-, 60.9- and 76.2-centimeter) wide rear belts.

Every 8 Family Tractor also leaves the factory fully integrated, fully capable and fully supported with the latest technology.

Each new 8R, 8RT and 8RX Tractor comes standard equipped with an integrated Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter display, StarFire 6000 integrated receiver and AutoTrac activation. Additional premium or automation activations are available so customers can upgrade and choose the level of accuracy they prefer. A full suite of John Deere technology is included for the seamless integration of automation, documentation and connectivity through the John Deere Operations Center.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of KUHN, John Deere, Massey Ferguson and Schuitemaker.