Krone North America introduces six new EasyCut mower-conditioner models designed to deliver a closer cut in all crops and field conditions.

Hay producers looking for the latest technology to deliver the highest quality cuts should check out the new mower-conditioners. This new generation of mower-conditioners feature several new features and benefits. 

New DuoGrip hydraulic suspension suspends the mower on its center of gravity, hydraulically guiding it across the field terrain. The SmartCut cutterbar then follows the ground contours more accurately, resulting in a closer cut. Adjusting cutting height is quick and easy.

Multiple conditioning options mean faster drydown in all crops:

  • V-tine design lets you adjust the conditioning intensity while spreading the crop across the entire working width.
  • Rubber rollers provide uniform conditioning and gentle treatment in leafy crops like alfalfa.
  • Exclusive steel M-roll conditioners are ideal for aggressive conditioning in heavy crops. 
  • No conditioning is also an option. 

The company’s wide conditioner design creates more surface area for better conditioning. 


New belt windrow merging lets hay growers create the right-sized windrow to match the baler or chopper capacity to follow. High-capacity hydraulic cross conveyor belt creates a cleaner, more uniform windrow. 

The new models save growers time by reducing the number of passes. And that reduces compaction. They also deliver excellent stability in hilly fields.

These new generation models are equipped with the SmartCut cutterbar, known for delivering a higher quality cut:

  • The one-piece, fully welded cutterbar requires minimal maintenance. 
  • QuickChange blades are quick to swap out while creating excellent cuts. 
  • The SafeCut Hub’s exclusive shear-protection system prevents internal component damage in the event the mower strikes an obstacle.

Krone VariPack round baler

Krone introduces the first round baler – with belts – that is Krone engineered for North American fields

After listening to the round-baling needs of North American farmers, Krone has taken that feedback and developed the first company-engineered round baler, with belts. This new VariPack Round Baler is designed for hay growers looking for a high-quality round baler – with belts – that can bale faster while building dense, uniform bales. 

The new baler boasts a variety of exclusive and performance-enhancing features that can improve a farmer’s return on investment.

  • Exclusive bale chamber design: The new round baler features four endless belts with a smooth surface, an exclusive design that delivers uniform, high-density bales. Rollers are spaced close together for dependable power transfer to the belts, making for reliable bale starts and consistency as the chamber fills.

  • Quick-close rear door: A quick-close rear door – that opens and closes in less than five seconds – reduces time spent waiting for the bale to eject. That speeds up unloading and leads to faster baling.

  • Flexible density settings: The operator – from the cab – can select variable (three-stage) densities for the inner, middle and outer sections of each bale. Select a softer core that can breathe, while maintaining denser middle and outer sections. Choose pressure ranges from 0 to 100%.

  • Simple, reliable net wrapping system: The net wrapping system is reliable, simple and easy to operate. The net threads easily and consistently through the rigid net feeder and starts automatically when the chamber is filled. The operator can watch and monitor the process from the cab. There’s plenty of space for spare net rolls so you can keep baling on long days. Use net wrap from 48 inches to 51 inches.

  • High-flotation tires: Cover lots of ground in any terrain with long-lasting, high-flotation tires, designed specifically for North American field conditions. The operator enjoys smooth, high-performance baling in any terrain.

  • Simple, intuitive operator terminals: This baler’s electronic system makes for easier work and faster baling. The system is compatible with the IOSOBUS tractor terminal, and offers clear, user-friendly interfaces.

  • Fast, easy servicing: The clean, modern and uncluttered design provides easy and fast access to all service points. Automatic chain lubricator minimizes service time. Heavy-duty, sealed bearings are standard. Two front steps give convenient access to the net unit. And the bale chamber offers easy access.

  • Reliable EasyFlow pick-up: The company’s EasyFlow cam-less pick-up is well-known for delivering maximum crop to the bale chamber and getting each bale started out right. It’s a durable and long-lasting pick-up, thanks to minimal moving parts. A pivoting, spring-loaded design follows any terrain, eliminating crop loss. Seven-foot pick-up width handles wide windrows. And the exclusive large auger creates more consistent crop flow from pick-up to feed roller.

  • Wide feed rotor and drop floor: The days of getting off your tractor to clear a plug are over! A wide feed rotor – which increases crop flow – and hydraulically engaged drop floor are standard equipment, enabling faster baling, while making quick work of the occasional plug.

Choose 4X5 or 4X6 bale models: Both models let you change bales diameters on-the-go.

  • VariPack model 165: Bale diameter from 3 feet to 5 feet
  • VariPack model 190: Bale diameter from 3 feet to 6 feet

Rhino Tool Minuteman post driver

Rhino Tool releases Minuteman post driver

With over 40 years of experience in professional post driver manufacturing, Rhino Tool has released a new post driver that enables producers to drive posts year-round, quickly, easily, safely and economically. Saving you both time and money.

Some benefits of the Minuteman include:

  • No high cost of contracting the job or waiting to get your project on their schedule.
  • Cut your post-driving time (over manual methods) by 10 times. It’s safer and less taxing on your body.
  • There’s less cost, clean-up and time required to drive posts versus digging holes and cementing them.

Not sure you need a powered post driver? After a purchase, you will:

  • Have saved money versus hiring the project done
  • Have saved money and time versus digging holes and cementing each post
  • Have saved time and prevented many aches, pains and injuries versus manually driving posts
  • Become the cool tool guy with family and friends for their post projects

Stop manually driving posts – install them faster and safer with a Minuteman Driver.

Hydrabed Hydrastx

Hydrabed announces the immediate release of Hydrastx

HydraBed is proud to announce the launch of the first and only proportional electric control in the bale bed industry, the Hydrastx, a dash-mounted joystick and optional wireless joystick that provide variable speed for all HydraBed functions.

Hydrastx gives the user precise variable speed control at their fingertips. This is the only variable speed electric control on the market. For convenience, the optional wireless remote has a self-contained LED flashlight and uses a rechargeable lithium battery that plugs into a standard USB port.

Thorough testing has been done on this new system, both in a controlled environment and in the field. Several systems have been operating in the field since early 2020, across several states, and continue operating today. Extended cycle testing of the Hydrastx servos was performed by reaching 100,000 bale loading cycles (1,000 bales a year for 100 years). The test was done running three weeks consecutively, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without pause.

This new system has been designed in a way that any mid-2002 or newer HydraBed can be easily retrofitted. A unique electric latching feature has been designed to provide constant live auxiliary hydraulics to operate machinery, containing its own control valve, such as a hydraulic squeeze chute or wire winder. (Electric latching feature only available for beds with the optional third valve section). Call (800) 530-5624 today for pricing options.  end mark

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Krone North America, Rhino Tool and Hydrabed.