Keith Bolsen, who passed away last May and whose birthday is this week, dedicated his life to the science of silagemaking. He traveled the world promoting good management practices based on the research he and others conducted. Seeing the tragic loss of life and serious injuries commonly occurring to those he was teaching, he turned his attention to promoting safe practices to go along with better management. As a result, he and his widow, Ruthie, started the foundation that now bears his name.

The Bolsen Safety Foundation is currently run by a board of 10 volunteers from across the U.S., representing academia, farm owners and agribusinesses. The foundation is developing a speakers bureau (meetings, conventions, school lectures, radio, TV, webinar), written/AV materials (silage safety guidelines, silage safety employee meeting agendas/kit, high school/college/employer safety book, safety signs for farm posting, safety videos) and grant funding (schools, associations for local projects, etc.). Promotion of safe practices is targeted to forage farmers, anyone living near feed storage, animal agriculture students, choppers/harvester operators, pile/storage makers, feeders and nutritionists.

To learn more and become a member donor, visit the Bolsen Safety Foundation website.  end mark


From a Bolsen Safety Foundation news release