On this Progressive Dairy Podcast, Peggy Coffeen sits down with Jay Joy, founder of Milk Money LLC, to learn how defining executive level roles within a dairy can propel the business forward, and how an outside perspective can lead to long-term viability.

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Season 4, Episode 8


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • The skillsets of a CFO, COO or CEO [9:30]
  • What to do if no one on the current team is a good fit for the executive positions [19:00]
  • Success story of bringing in an outside executive to a dairy [25:00]
  • How a next-generation family member can prepare to take on an executive role [29:00]
  • Adapt an executive mindset [34:00]
  • 4 things sustainable business families do [37:00]
  • Rapid fire questions [40:00]


“It's a natural progression of a family business to start it, get it stable and professionalize it. Then, from stabilization to professionalization, that’s typically where the discussion of non-family decision makers comes into play.”

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