Raising dairy-beef crossbred calves is a value-added production strategy that is here to stay, and dairy producers have a tremendous opportunity to influence the success of their crossbred program through early-life nutrition.

Researchers at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center have diligently worked to better understand the specific nutritional needs of crossbred calves. Their research has focused on preweaning nutritional needs, but the findings have shown that early-life nutrition has a significant impact on the long-term growth and performance of a calf.

Dr. Olivia Genther-Schroeder, senior manager of dairy feed R&D for Purina Animal Nutrition, joins us today to share why early-life nutrition plays a critical role in the overall growth and performance of dairy-beef crossbred calves.

Q: Why is early-life nutrition and care so important for long-term success of dairy-beef crossbred calves?

Q: What are the nutritional needs, in particular protein, of dairy-beef crossbred calves?


Q: Why should dairy-beef crossbred calves be fed differently than purebred dairy calves intended for beef?

Q: Beyond nutrition, are there other things a producer should consider when raising dairy-beef crossbred calves?

Q: What are the health and growth consequences of holding back in the pre-weaning phase? 

To learn more about raising high-quality dairy-beef crossbred calves, talk with your Purina representative or visit purinamills.com.

Season 5, Episode 35

Olivia Genther-Schroeder, Ph.D.

Sr. Manager, Dairy Feed R&D

Purina Animal Nutrition 


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