Photo courtesy of Case IH.

New CL and N tractors complete Quantum Series revisions

New CL and N models have joined the updated V and F versions in the Case IH range of Quantum specialist tractors for 2024. With four models each available with five power outputs, the new Quantum tractors are radically different from their predecessors, with more than 70% of their components newly developed, covering key areas including the cab, engine, hydraulics and ActiveDrive2 transmission.

Five models in four styles

As with the V and F models for vineyard and fruit applications, the new Quantum CL and N models extend from the 74-HP Quantum 80 to the 120-HP Quantum 120 (rated figures), taking the total number of models across the four series to 20 different tractors. Apart from the Quantum 80, with its FPT F5C 3.4-liter engine, all models feature a 3.6-liter FPT F5C Stage V four-cylinder power unit with four valves per cylinder. Each Quantum incorporates a concealed Hi-eSCR2 exhaust after-treatment system, allowing for a low bonnet profile and good visibility for interaxle attachments. The engines offer up to 13 HP more output and up to 14% more torque than the Stage IIIB power units they replace.

The 32F/16R ActiveDrive2 transmission offers travel speeds from 25 mph (40 kph) down to 0.5 mph (0.7 kph), with an optional eight-speed creep package taking this down further to 0.12 mph (0.17 kph). Four-wheel drive is standard, and N models can be equipped with optional front-axle suspension. In the cab, key features include a new A-pillar display and full compatibility with AFS guidance and AFS Connect telemetry solutions. A patented category four dual filter system for the newly designed flat-floor cab is optional.

Quantum N (Narrow) tractors are just 52 inches (1,325 millimeters) wide, but the larger 45 inches-wide (1,145 millimeters) cab means the machines are suited to common vineyard row spacings of around 6.5 feet (2 meters). New Quantum CL tractors for row crops feature the same operator platform as the latest Quantum F models but have a wider front axle from standard Case IH tractors. Both Quantum Series are now available from Case IH dealerships.


Photo courtesy of New Holland.

New UltraFeed grass pickup maximizes potential intake
of restyled New Holland FR forage harvesters

New Holland is introducing a renewed version of its grass pickup, the UltraFeed, on its refreshed FR forage harvester range for 2024. Presented in 10 feet (3 meters), 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) and 13 feet (4 meters) working widths, the UltraFeed pickup is designed to enhance crop flow to allow each FR forage harvester model to handle the biggest crop volumes and exploit the full capacity of the large chopping cylinder and the engine that powers it.


A new auger design with a belt-driven, heavy-duty driveline matches the capacity and reduced maintenance needs while minimizing the risk of crop wrapping. Other advantages include reduced maintenance need, longer service life and greater operator comfort during long days, from the even crop flow when chopping.

A single large roller windguard provides swath pre-compression for even feeding in light crops and helping avoid bulldozing in dense swaths. It opens up to 5 feet (160 centimeters) for easy access to the header if necessary. A see-through mesh provides a clear view of crop flow into the header, and LEDs illuminate the auger and feed rolls in low-light conditions.

Upgraded hardware on the new cam-track pickup reel eases replacement tine installation, cutting replacement time to just 1.5 minutes. A more compact reel gearbox provides a 25% increase in reel speed where needed, matching the pickup’s higher capacity. For hands-off servicing, optional autogreasing ensures exactly the right amount of grease is applied at exactly the right intervals.


Photo courtesy of Bobcat Company.

Bobcat unleashes its most powerful compact wheel loader

Bobcat Company has brought to market its largest and most powerful compact wheel loader yet – the Bobcat L95. The L95 provides exceptional material-handling capabilities with large bucket capacity, high lift height, swift travel speeds and the maneuverability operators need to accomplish more. The L95’s compact size, tight turning radius and Power Bob-Tach interface enhance the machines’ versatility, ensuring maximum performance and making it ideal for landscaping, nurseries, construction, agriculture, rental tasks and other applications.

Exceptional performance

With a standard bucket capacity of 1.2 cubic yards and 10.5 feet of lift height, the L95 excels at material handling and other jobs that require high maneuverability. Its electronic hydrostatic transmission (E-HST) delivers easy direction changes, efficient acceleration and effortless speed control, which helps operators tackle tough tasks on job sites big and small. A powerful combination of the E-HST transmission and horsepower management automatically adjusts the loader’s drive system to maximize pushing and loading power.

Standard features on the L95 include flex drive, automatic ride control, high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, advanced attachment control mode and travel speeds reaching 24 mph. The advanced Tier 4, turbocharged engine delivers high-torque performance and excellent efficiency, while achieving emissions compliance without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalyst reduction (SCR).

Outstanding comfort and operability

Operators know that productivity and comfort are closely connected, and they’ve come to rely on Bobcat for an exceptional in-cab experience. With low noise levels in the cab, an oscillating frame, smooth turning and automatic ride control, the L95 provides an exceptional ride quality that enhances the operator experience. Available with a spacious, pressurized cab, the L95 builds upon the Bobcat tradition of operator-centered design with high visibility, excellent ergonomics, a heated air-ride seat, an efficient HVAC system and an easy-to-read instrumentation panel. The Bobcat L95 will be available to customers in North America in late 2023.


Photo courtesy of Case IH.

Case IH Farmall 75C Electric: The next evolution of an icon

One hundred years ago, Case IH changed agriculture forever by introducing the first row-crop tractor, the Farmall, and replacing horse traction with engine power. Today, Case IH is proud to introduce the next evolution: the industry’s first fully electric tractor with additional autonomous functionalities – the Farmall Electric. The electric vehicle solidifies Case IH’s commitment to the future of sustainable farming with the advancement of versatile applications and alternative fuel solutions.

The Farmall Electric has instant torque that can be felt from the operator’s seat, with easy-to-use controls that allow operators to tap into more power more easily than mechanical tractor setups. With diesel-like performance and power, the Farmall Electric’s battery can be charged from 10%-80% in less than an hour with DC fast charging. Designed for agriculture’s toughest jobs, this tractor’s power is also suited for municipal operations, airports, light forestry and more.

The electrification of the Farmall, coupled with the reduction in wear and tear on parts and maintenance costs, can provide users with a reduction in operating costs greater than 50% when compared to diesel tractors. Offboard digital features and additional automation capabilities, such as safety mode, let farmers operate the vehicle with far more efficiency.