If there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s when people find out I am a comedian and say to me, “Tell me a joke.” No! When I meet an accountant, I don’t ask him to follow me home and file my taxes. When I meet a politician, I don’t just assume they are lying to me – at first.

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The two questions I always get during interviews are: How and why did I start doing stand-up comedy? And was I always funny? Well, who you ask is going to determine if I’ve always been funny. I wasn’t the class clown, but I always had some added commentary to any situation in the classroom. Which gave me reserved VIP seating in the principal’s office.

To the question of “how” I started comedy – short answer: painful open mics with no laughs. As to “why” I started comedy, I don’t think I figured that out until a few years into doing stand-up. About four years into this journey, one night at a comedy club I had what I thought was a horrible set.

I came off stage thinking to myself: “Why do I do this? I’m done.” A gentleman walked right up to me outside after the show and said, “Thank you, Tim! You made my night. My wife passed away six months ago, and this is the first time I have laughed since before she passed. I do believe you helped me to get out of a dark place.”

I shook his hand and told him he had just made my night too. It was at that moment I figured out why I do this. Since that night, I’ve had numerous occasions when similar conversations have occurred.


We all know life can get you down. Family issues, health issues, milk price issues and even all the political jargon (not the word I wanted to use, but this is a family magazine) thrown at us every day can drive a person insane. Here is my advice to combat all that: laugh!

It is physically impossible to laugh and worry at the same time. Laughter causes natural dopamine to be released in the brain, which makes you happy. Scientific studies prove laughter actually increases the body’s immune system and healing process.

Not just physically, but also mentally. When you hear the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine,” it really is. And here’s one for the ladies: Laughter actually slows down the aging process. They say there’s a sandwich in every beer. Well, a night out laughing with the girls is equivalent to eight Botox shots.

We all need to laugh more. It keeps us healthy, less stressed, young at heart, and people might actually enjoy being around you more. I encourage all of you to laugh with friends, watch a funny comedy movie, read a joke book or go to a comedy show. Heck, if you’re desperate, listen to my album. Try to put more laughter into your day. I guarantee you’ll be a happier person for it.  end mark

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