New all-breed formula announced Records from all breeds, including crossbreds, are now combined and analyzed together in one animal model. All relatives, regardless of breed composition, contribute to each animal’s genetic evaluation, and more cows are compared within management group in herds containing multiple breeds and crossbreds.

Previously, most crossbred cows were excluded unless they were part of a breed-sponsored herdbook expansion program. Traits processed with the all-breed model are yield, productive life (PL), somatic cell score (SCS) and daughter pregnancy rate (DPR). Multibreed models have been applied for U.S. goats since 1988 and for Holstein and Brown Swiss calving ease since 2005. Evaluations are calculated initially on an all-breed base and then are converted to traditional within-breed genetic bases for release to the dairy industry.

The effect of heterosis (hybrid vigor) is subtracted from each trait in the all-breed model, but when evaluations of crossbred animals are converted to a purebred evaluation scale, the heterosis expected when crossbreds are mated to purebreds is included in the predicted transmitting ability (PTA).

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Holstein Association USA announces changes to TPI™ formula
The TPI formula has been changed effective in May 2007 to incorporate more emphasis on health and fertility traits. According to Holstein Association USA, this will lead to higher daughter pregnancy rates, longer productive life, lower somatic cell score, less calving difficulty and fewer stillbirths. In the new formula, type receives the same emphasis while production emphasis has been reduced.


To better reflect the association’s new objective, the acronym TPI will be changed from Type and Production Index to Total Performance Index.

The key features of the new TPI formula are as follows:

47% emphasis on production (Fat and Protein & part of PTAT)

20% emphasis on udder health (SCS, UDC & part of PTAT)

19% emphasis on early breeding (DPR, PL & DF)

8% emphasis on mobility (Feet & Leg composite & part of PTAT )

3% emphasis on calving ability (Daughter Calving Ease & Stillbirth)

3% emphasis on body size (part of PTAT )

ABS graduates new sires
ABS Global released new sires following the release of the May 2007 sire summary data on May 14. The new additions to the ABS active line-up included Holsteins, Jerseys and one Brown Swiss.

29HO11145 Rossdale Diehard AMMO*TV is the first of two sons released from the outstanding ABS Millionaire sire DIE-HARD. He comes to ABS from the EX-90 Rossdale Patron Ariel-ET cow in New York. AMMO has longevity and durability bred into his pedigree for several generations and will cross well on many of today’s female lines. His daughters will have high, wide rear udders and are big protein producers at +51 PTAP.

The second DIE-HARD son released by ABS this sire summary is 29HO11473 Zimmerview Diehard DEANO*TV. This calving ease specialist is backed by Formation Sam, making him a maternal brother to ABS standouts 29HO10930 STATUE and 29HO11073 SETON. DEANO can be used in the heifer pens with his low calving ease of 7% and with his Daughter Pregnancy Rate of +1.7, his progeny breed back easily. He is also a new member of the ABS Sexation line-up.

29HO11156 Pen-Col DRUMBEAT*TV is from one of the most famous cow families at Pen-Col Farms in Pennsylvania. An early Lynch son, he combines the success of his sire with a maternal line known for three decades of A.I. success. DRUMBEAT is an ABS Durabull, designated for his strength in health and fitness traits including 5% Calving Ease, Somatic Cell Score and Daughter Pregnancy Rate. He is also a Rock Solid™ (100 daughters in 60 herds) graduate into the ABS line-up.

29JE3336 Forest Glen Mecca JALEN combines two of the most powerful cow families in the Jersey breed, Havs Chief Berretta Jade E-95% and Tenn Haug Maid E-93%. JALEN is ABS’ top Productive Life Jersey sire at +3.7 and makes long-lasting daughters with great udders with a +6.31 Jersey Udder Index (JUI). He is also a new addition to the ABS Sexation line-up.

Coming to ABS from the same family as 29JE3252 RESCUE is 29JE3360 Schultz Dudley RESTORE. This Clover Farms DUDLEY son is a high Milk and Net Merit bull that transmits open rib and high, wide rear udders to his daughters.

29BS3781 Top Acres POWER SURGE graduates as the top milk bull in the ABS Brown Swiss line-up at +1185. His combination of this production and type earned him a high ranking on the Brown Swiss Progressive Performance Ranking list. He is backed by multiple generations of Excellents and carries the globally renowned Top Acres prefix.

Accelerated Genetics provides healthy and long-lasting dairy cows
With the release of the May 2007 Dairy Sire Summaries, the Holstein USA Association updated the Total Performance Index (TPI™) by increasing emphasis on Productive Life and Daughter Pregnancy Rate as well as including Stillbirth (SB). This improved formula reinforces the worldwide demand for healthy, fertile and long-lasting dairy cattle.

Sires that rank high on Productive Life (PL), Somatic Cell Score (SCS), Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), as well as lower on Calving Ease (Service Sire Calving Ease – SCE and Daughter Calving Ease – DCE) and Stillbirth (Service Sire Stillbirth – SSB and Daughter Stillbirth – DSB) produce cows that are profitable for dairy producers. This is the reason Accelerated Genetics was an early leader in the A.I. industry to select PACE young sires based on their predicted genetic pattern in these traits to assist herds in reaching maximum profitability in the future.

Accelerated Genetics is pleased with the new bull rankings following the May 2007 Dairy Sire Summary and is also excited about the large class of new PACE graduates that offer a wide variety of traits with new, unique pedigrees.

014HO04148 NIFTY is one of Accelerated Genetics’ leading health trait sires. Not only does he have outstanding health traits but he also ranks high on Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$) at +$577 and is #6 on the Total Performance Index (TPI™) at +1855. NIFTY is +5.6 PL, +2.60 SCS, and +1.7 DPR 014HO03597 POTTER, now starting to add his second crop of daughters, maintained on his production traits and went even higher on health traits. He is now +5.5 PL, +2.81 SCS, +2.00 DPR, 6% SCE, 7% DCE, 7.2% SSB, and 6.6% DSB. With these increases, POTTER also jumped 25 places on the TPI list and is now the #20 TPI bull of the breed at +1764.

New PACE graduate, 014HO04239 TRAVEL, excels in health traits. TRAVEL is an ORION son from two excellent dams (EX-91 Rudolph and EX-90 Blackstar). He is +3.2 PL, +2.75 SCS, and +1.8 DPR. TRAVEL is also low in Daughter Stillbirth with +6.6 DSB, and his TPI of +1649 ranks him in the Top 100.

Maximum profit is achieved when cows calve with ease, breed back quickly and produce well with a low incidence of mastitis for several lactations. Dairy producers around the world are now putting a priority on selecting for these health traits.

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May proofs extend Alta’s lead
The truth is, no words can properly describe the extent to which Alta’s sire lineup currently dominates the industry, in light of a modernized new official TPI® formula. It’s the kind of result that can only be achieved – and then certainly not guaranteed – when all the parts move together in unison with a common sense of purpose. And as impressive as having 10 of the top 30 ranked TPI sires marketed by one company sounds, this result from the May proof round for Alta doesn’t do justice to the finer points that lie within the numbers, the quality of sampling that generated the results, the variety of bloodlines represented and the extent to which these sires will undoubtedly influence future generations.

The fact is that Alta’s current lineup is more complete than it has ever been. Throughout and especially at the top of the list, there are complete package sires that balance expected production improvement with an outstanding blend of conformation and health characteristics. Complete package sires, they are called, that even competitors must grudgingly acknowledge are worthy of your consideration.

Together, Alta’s top 10 marketing sires achieve an astounding +1800 TPI average combining nearly +100 pounds of component yield improvement, outstanding Conformation and impressive Health in a highly trustworthy package.

011HO08342 MAC and 011HO08195 AltaBAXTER, both with large TPI gains, are the clear winners on the day, earning their way onto the industry’s top 10 TPI listing. With an increased focus on health traits, the new formula helps them along; however, both make significant improvements on an array of traits and would have made dramatic improvements even under the old TPI formula. These are the bulls with balanced production, type and longevity characteristics that all dairy producers can appreciate, and they will rank high no matter how the formula is constructed.

Once again, the industry’s top new release sires that will appear on the official top 100 TPI listing are products of the highly regarded AltaAdvantage® program. Not just highly ranked sires, these too are complete package sires that will appeal to a wide variety of dairy producers. 011HO07965 AltaARMSTEAD sires strong-bodied, wide-uddered cows that are as comfortable competing on production yields as they are on survivability.

And 011HO08230 AltaAUGUSTA, just a few TPI points below him on the list, combines triple-two Type with pleasing yields and a stellar Calving trait profile. These are dairy cows with balance, and they typically display eye-popping rear udders. Both bulls make their debut with high reliability and a strong endorsement from Advantage consultants. And AltaAUGUSTA is immediately granted admittance to the ConceptPlus listing of extreme Alta fertility improvers. Furthermore, both sires easily achieve the necessary Health index score to be identified as HealthPlus sires.

International Protein Sires’ offerings add exciting credentials
International Protein Sires (IPS) expanded their growing and prominent sire lineup following the May sire summaries, according to company president Ron Sersland.

The industry’s prestigious Top 100 List now includes four proven sires marketed by IPS. The newest addition is 6HO1109 ALINO at +1778 TPI and $478 NM$. ALINO highlights include: +2.10 Type, +81 pounds fat and +1.25 F&L composite. ALINO’s pedigree is a “Who’s Who” of the Holstein breed. He is sired by JOCKO BESN while his dam is a Very Good-87 Maughlin Storm daughter. Alino’s grand dam is the highly respected Ernlo Cinderella.

More additions. Three additional bulls with exciting credentials were activated for marketing by IPS. Two were graduates of the IPS young sire sampling program. 6HO976 MR. MONARCH has a noteworthy type proof of +2.18. He is sired by the breed’s leading icon, DURHAM. MR. MONARCH’s dam, Miss Lee Majestic, is the Excellent-91 daughter of Miss Mark Maui. 6HO963 Baccalaureate’s high type at +2.77 is accompanied by +2.15 udder composite rating. This high component bull is sired by COMESTAR LEE. His dam is a VG daughter of Second-Look Jolt. And the next three maternal dams are all Excellent.

The third new addition is 6HO1110 NICOL at +1633 TPI with a laudable type proof. His sire is JOCKO BESN and his dam is a Very Good-89 daughter of Istar Aero, a pedigree with respected European flavor.

Further highlights. Supporting the foundation philosophy of durable cattle, the IPS line-up shows 57 percent of their proven sires over +2.00 type. In addition, a significant number of the IPS bulls are over +2.00 for both udder composite and feet & leg composite.

The remaining bulls offered by IPS on the Top 100 List follow: Muranda BWM Leader with a TPI rating of +1871 is a type pacesetter at +3.74. Mar-Bil Rudolph GUSTO carries a +1793 TPI. At +5.0 productive life, Gusto is a Holstein breed leader. And O-Bee Joel touts a +1680 TPI and +2.51 F&L composite along with a strong udder composite rating.

For more information, log on to or call (800) 542-7593.

Select Sires dominates with eight high-type new graduates
With the release of May 14 genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates 15 Holstein sires, including six type specialists that score +2.70 or better for PTA Type, all ranking among Select’s top-20.

PRONTO: Get type from the Pala family. 7HO8175 Windy-Knoll-View PRONTO-ET debuts at an impressive +3.20 Type (77% Rel.) and +2.06 Udder Composite. Hailing from the famous Pala family, his dam is Windy-Knoll-View Promis-ET (EX-95-2E-EX-MS-DOM), the reserve All-American 5-year-old in 2003. PRONTO stands second among Select’s lineup for TPI™ at +1928.

BW MARSHALL sons continue to impress. 7HO5375 Mara-Thon BW MARSHALL-ET sons 7HO7858 Rauscher Mars 999-GRAND-ET and 7HO7838 GLEN-Valley BW Captain-ET enter Select’s proven lineup as type specialists. At +3.01 Type (79% Rel.), GRAND ranks among Select’s top-10 for both Foot and Leg Composite (+2.72) and UDC (+2.32). He is a total performance improver at +1703 TPI. GRAND is a Herdlife Builder and Superior Settler™ and reduces calving difficulty at 7% CE (86% Rel.). At +2.88 Type (81% Rel.), GLEN is a Superior Settler and calving-ease sire at 7% CE (72% Rel.). GLEN ranks among Select’s top-20 for TPI at +1705 and is an udder specialist at +2.33 UDC.

Transmitting type in the image of DURHAM. 7HO7451 Velvet-View-KJ SENSATION-ET and 7HO7676 Vital-I Durham LEWIS-ET are type-improving sons of 7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM-ET. At +2.86 Type (86% Rel.), SENSATION stands among Select’s top-10 for UDC (+2.27) and FLC (+2.38). LEWIS sires the show-winning kind. At +2.79 Type (82% Rel.), his Excellent (95-2E-EX-MS) 7HO4213 Robthom INTEGRITY-ET maternal sister was grand champion at the 2006 Illinois State Show.

ZANDER, the high-type DERRY son. 7HO7690 Ocean-View Derry ZANDER is a line-bred 7HO6131 Regancrest Emory DERRY-ET son out of Ocean-View Durham Zandra-ET (EX-91-EX-MS), a full sister to 7HO6782 Ocean-View ZENITH-TW-ET. At +2.75 Type (86% Rel.), ZANDER is an udder specialist at +2.02 UDC. Outcross type specialists. 7HO7769 Morningview ALTON-ET impresses at +2.71 Type (82% Rel.) and has a unique sire stack (Riglio Juror Capri-ET x Shen-Val NV LM Formation-ET). 7HO7629 Melarry Inquirer FINAL, at +2.81 Type (78% Rel.), offers health traits (+2.8 PL 51% Rel.) and calving ease (7% CE 71% Rel.).

Taurus sires stand the test of time and evaluation changes
Taurus Service Inc. has provided “Profitable Genetics”™ to dairymen around the world for 36 years. The “Profitable Genetics”™ sire line-up includes Taurus Sires, Browndale Specialty Sires, Foundation Sires and New Zealand Genetics. Taurus has an extensive and diversified Jersey line-up and the largest Ayrshire sire program in the U.S. You can count on Taurus Service to supply high-quality excellent conception semen at the most reasonable prices in the industry.

All dairy breeds are at Taurus including Lineback, Dutch Belted, Milking Shorthorn and crossbreed sires. Taurus has one of the largest R&W and *RC line-up of sires, plus the New Zealand Ayrshires for Red crossbreeding and many polled sires in several breeds. Be sure to study the new genetic summary that features the “Taurus Total Value Holstein” line-up.

In addition, separate proof/price lists are available for Jerseys and protein breeds. The Taurus sire directory features Holstein sires by family and others by breeds in one book.

Holstein highlights. Many of the older favorite Taurus sires have proven to stand the test of time and with the genetic evaluation changes outshine many other Holstein sires. Bulls such as SUNBUCK, HORACE, REGENCY, AL, VINCE, SHANDY*RC, POLLED PLUS*RC, WINNER, HH LEADER, MARK-UP and MEGA are still breed leaders, they sire good NM$, but are very good for type, udders, feet and legs with low somatic cell score (SCS), long productive life (PL) and good for DPR. This is real proof you can count on the “Taurus Profitable Genetics” line-up for the best genetics at the most reasonable prices. PD