The company also offers an alfalfa seed that does well in saline soil and continues to monitor promising technology developments in soybeans. New products for the upcoming season include:


  • Salt Tolerant Alfalfa, LH 9300 ST was developed to provide high quality alfalfa in soils that are saline in nature. Preliminary data indicates that the salt content of these soils may decrease after several years of forage production with this product.


  • Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete is the leading dual-mode-of-action technology in the corn marketplace, according to the company, which is introducing six new hybrids stacked with this technology for 2014.
  • Genuity Triple PRO RIB Complete was the leading seller for the company in 2013. It has five new products stacked with Triple PRO.
  • Genuity Double PRO RIB Complete offers the right amount of technology for farmers with a corn-soybean rotation. Seven new hybrids are stacked with this technology.
  • Agrisure Artesian, developed by Syngenta, exhibit season-long drought protection to increase yield in moisture-stressed fields. The company will offer two hybrids, LH 4974 3011A and LH 6412 GTA, with this new trait for 2014 planting.
  • Genuity DroughtGard is the seed industry’s first biotech trait offering drought tolerance for fields where lack of rainfall would normally limit yields from 70 to 130 bushels per acre. LH 6444 VT2 PRO DG is the first company product with this added protection.
  • Agrisure 3122 is the first Syngenta-traited hybrid in the company’s lineup that carries two modes of action with rootworm, corn borer and herbicide protection. This technology combines the Agrisure CB/LL, Agrisure RW, Agrisure GT, Herculex 1 and the Herculex RW trait for advanced protection.
  • Agrisure Duracade is a brand new mode of action for corn rootworm control and will be combined with Agrisure RW to give two modes of action. The company introduces LH 5839 5122 hybrid for 2014 planting.


  • Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield, the company offers 12 new brands with this technology. Four of these new products are classified with the IRONCLAD designation because of their strong defensive characteristics, including Iron Chlorosis, Cyst Nematode and others.
  •  LibertyLink Soybeans is proving to be a great alternative for farmers battling glyphosate resistant weeds. The company has two new brands for 2014.  FG

—From Latham Hi-Tech Seeds news release