Enter the Bale Positioning System (BPS) from Ag Iron Concepts LLC, a labor force multiplier, the company says.

Weather concerns are reduced, feed quality is maximized, and custom operators enjoy a competitive advantage.

A baler equipped with the BPS allows for bales to be consolidated in convenient groups, which reduces the time to load and haul round bales.

Some operators of the BPS choose to leave bales on the headlands where the crop is wrapped, thus the separate job of collecting the bales is eliminated as it can be combined with the baling.

For those baling cornstalks, there is always the pressure to get bales moved quickly off the fields. When manure storage has reached its limit, manure can be spread and fall tillage can be completed before Old Man Winter arrives.  FG    


—From Ag Iron Concepts news release

Photo courtesy of Ag Iron Concepts.