ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence systems have taken the world by storm, generating debates on the potential benefits and threats of wider AI applications. But what is different about these systems and how could this impact the dairy industry?

Season 5, Episode 33

Here is the breakdown of the episode:

  • 01:10 Perspectives on new advances in Artificial Intelligence technology and generative AI such as ChatGPT.
  • 02:29 What is different about generative AI and what it can do for the dairy industry.
  • 04:57 Potential applications of AI models and their value.
  • 07:40 Challenges in applying generative AI in dairy tech.
  • 11:52 Concerns around data privacy and security and approaches to managing these issues.
  • 13:56 Staying on top of the rapid developments in the AI space.
  • 16:17 Race to Replace: Will AI take over our jobs?

This episode is sponsored by Connecterra.

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Connecterra is an artificial intelligence company on a mission to empower the dairy industry to become more efficient while reducing impact on the planet. We are headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with teams in Europe and the United States. Our solution is the Connecterra platform, which transforms data into intelligent digital experiences and products for farmers, advisors and dairy companies. Our customers and partners include some of the largest global brands in the dairy industry.


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